Why Do Spartans Dislike RichRod So Much?

I got a text message today from a Spartan friend who was obviously excited about the Purdue win enough to feel condescending. He texted:

In RichRod We Trust

That was all. And it confounds me, because there was never this kind of dislike toward Bo or Lloyd Carr in East Lansing, both who resided over numerous thrashings of Michigan State. This isn't an isolated text either, all anyone around here (East Lansing) wants to discuss with me is whether RichRod is running the program into the ground. No discussion about the changed offense or the worst UM defense maybe ever. Just vitriol and sarcasm pointed directly at Rodriguez.

Why in the world would a Michigan State fan have nothing but positive things to say about RichRod? Hell, I'd be starting a "Keep RR" website. Consider the things that have happened since Rich took over-

  • MSU has two inspiring victories over Michigan, both showing a superior Spartan team.
  • Michigan has featured it's two worst defenses in Ann Arbor history, scoring wise.
  • The "never lost to a MAC school" meme has been shattered.
  • MSU won the in-state recruiting battle this year, which Dantonio has repeatedly mentioned as a vital part of his building.
  • The Maize and Blue boosters and big names have been split into Old Guard and Not Old Guard, and this fissure hasn't been pretty, as the Rick Leach-Lloyd Carr incident showed.
  • Michigan may miss a bowl game for a 2nd consecutive year.
  • The Detroit Free Press and former players were so disenchanted with RR that they organized a nice attack piece regarding his practice habits, leading to an NCAA investigation.

So remind me again why Spartan fans would be anything but positive towards RichRod staying in Ann Arbor for years to come? Either supporters of Michigan State are stupid, and long for the days of inferiority to return...Or they think that by mocking the head coach, I will be deeply hurt because I have to support a team that he coaches...Or the specific Spartans I deal with are closeted UM fans, secretly hoping for a resurgence in AA...Or they fear the eventual dominance of his Spread offense and want him out before it comes to fruition...Or these fans don't know anything about schemes or football and just spout what they read online.

Whatever it is, my East Lansing brothers, I encourage you to focus on our 5-6 record, our talentless defense, and our Big Ten slide. There's plenty of material there for annoying text messages and chat room LOL's. Don't worry about our head coach. He's getting at least one more year (and probably two) to sharpen his system with his recruits. 


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