Big Ten Power Poll - Regular Season Final


Let's wrap this season up.  We skipped two weeks so that everyone could get their final games played.  Here are the results of the final vote.  And as you plan your travels, here are some final thoughts about what to wear as you bowl... 

1. Ds_150749_s_medium



It was festive of the Rose Bowl to go with the Christmas-colored matchup.  The Buckeyes will be wearing their whites in Pasadena.
2. Ff_341242_s_medium 110 A side note: If you're going to a bowl game, you have to get the helmet T-Shirt.  There is nothing better, win or lose, than pulling that out of the drawer 15 years later.  Although they're the home, team, Georgia Tech has chosen to wear white.  That means the Hawks will wear their black in the Orange Bowl.
3. Ff_318799_s_medium 99 LSU is the home team, but they too prefer to wear white.  Bring the Navy to the CapOne Bowl.
4. Ff_118756_s_medium 85 Last year, the Badgers were humiliated in the Champs Bowl while wearing their whites.  Let's hope for a different result in the reds.
5. Ff_134681_s_medium 80 The 'Cats will be wearing white when they play Auburn on New Year's Morning.  Hopefully you can make it out through your bleary eyes.
6. Ff_277071_s_medium 62 Any Spartans who haven't been suspended yet will wear white as they face off with Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl.
7. Ff_151718_s_medium 55 The Gophers will be decked out in white.  I know that this is the three season-old jersey style.  Apparently the play of the last two years hasn't moved a lot of product.
8. Ff_248798_s_medium 46 I recommend rocking the basketball jersey while reminding everyone that Purdue is the basketball school in the state.
9. Ff_72335_s_medium 25 Scrub team...scrub top.  Perfect for the couch.
10. Ff_233614_s_medium 21 Put on your're not going bowling this year.  Again.
11. Ff_241399_s_medium 20 I'd wear this sweatshirt to remind friends that Illinois is still a part of the Big Ten.  For now.  If they lose to NIU next year, we'll have to reconsider if we have the right state school in the league.

The Rivalry, Esq has reached out to the SBNation Big Ten bloggers to create this poll.  Its purpose: find a consensus as to the power of the Big Ten teams.  We invited each SBNation Big Ten blog to participate.  We will vote each week.  Invitations remain extended to the writers of Black Shoe Diaries and the Crimson Quarry to participate.

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