10 Songs To Get You Jacked For The Coming of College Football

I am unbelievably excited for college football to start. Why? I flipped on the BTN a couple nights ago at the gym, threw on my Ipod headphones, and listened to ACDC and Gun's and Roses while watching the 2007 Illinois upset of OSU. So whether you need a mix for a pregame party or just want to whip yourself into a frenzy, here are 10 songs that will help you do it.

10. "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen. Bass line kills, old people love it, young people love it, plus you can play it when a player from a scandal plagued school drops out for academic or personal reasons.

9. "Let's Get Rocked" Def Leppard. Because it's the Leppard. And it might be one of the best titled songs in all of history.

8. "Immigrant Song" Led Zeppelin. Screaming about marauding viking invaders pretty much inspires the hell out of me. That elongated animalistic warrior scream at the start always makes me want to hit someone (in a football sense).

7. "Striptease For Me Baby" Jeff Buckley. This song hits so hard and never lets up. I couldn't find a link to it on YouTube, but this is a needed download.

6. "The Purple Bottle" Animal Collective. Trippy and wild, I'm addicted.

5. "Mama Said Knock You Out" LL Cool J. Allows you to say "I've been here for years" constantly.

4. "Bombs Over Baghdad" Outkast. When we invaded Iraq in 2002, people in my dorm room turned this on and danced. Oops, that probably wasn't a great reaction. I did go to a pretty conservative U though. Either way, brilliant song that everyone loves, great for parties so everyone can blow that first line ("Yeah Intranational Underground under pounds the hum down the pounds").

3. "Patiently Waiting" Eminem/50 Cent. This song would fit PERFECTLY as once of those pre-game montages for a matchup when your team got blown out last year...

2. "Chop Suey" System of a Down. Old old song, but truly priceless for it's ability to bring 100 undergraduate students into a synonymous "wake up grababrushandputalittlemakeup whyyouputtheuponthetable." Plus, even if its 12 years old, it has to be better than Jordin Sparks and the Black Eyed Peas.

1. "Panama" Van Halen. Yeah, don't really need to say a lot about this one. Superbad anyone?

-Ed Note: I left out the token pump up songs, "Welcome to the Jungle", "Thunderstruck", "Born to Run", etc...Everyone knows those songs, they get the job done yearly...I also left out some solid songs like Queens "I Want It All" (it's been inserted into a (?)Best Buy commercial), Pearl Jams "Black" (too emotional), Eminems "Lose Yourself" (overdone for inspiration purposes, plus all I can think about is throwing up spaghetti on myself), "Your The Best Around" from Karate Kid (because you don't need me to tell you how amazing that song is)...

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