2010 NFL Draft Profiles - Blair White, WR, Michigan State


Name: Blair White

Hometown: Saginaw, MI (Nouvel Catholic Central)

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 200 lbs.

40 Time: 4.5 clocked, claims he can run a 4.4

Strengths: Outstanding body control, hands with glue on them, great attitude, hard worker, leader, smart, good college statistical production, 36 inch vertical leap, can efficiently run every kind of route, is always open somehow (quick note: White exudes sincerity and frankness in interviews and normal human communication...just thought you should know)

Weaknesses: Caucasion, entered college as a walk on, catches the ball with his body too much? (I read it somewhere), not known for blazing speed

Nickname: The Blair White Project

Comparisons: Hines Ward

Discussion: Somewhere the movie Rudy is being cued up for when White gets drafted this year. This quote pretty much sums up the walk-on to team captain story:

A year later, just before the start of the 2008 season, Dantonio announced to the entire team that White had earned a scholarship.

"That whole room erupted," Dantonio recalled. "There were some tears in that room."

Somewhere, somehow, Blair White became an indispensable part of the Michigan State football team. Hard work and heartwarming stories aside, I think it had to do more with the fact that White was, inexplicably, always open. Deep seam routes, 10 yard drag routes, sideline jump balls...Brian Hoyer and then Kirk Cousins trusted White with the destination of their passes, leading to 113 catches for 1,659 yards over a two year span.

My favorite Blair White route? The middle seam route, the one where he would rise up between a trailing defender and the safety, snagging the ball at it's highest point or using his body as a shield and cocoon to pull the ball in. His 7 catch performance in the Shrine Game last week just supported what most Big Ten fans already knew - White is a beast and can will himself to succeed at anything.

NFL Draft Probability: 6th round.

NFL fans are cynical but friendly when it comes to their team drafting White. "He doesn't return punts"..."He lacks blazing speed"...etc. Let me just put this into layman's terms: "Holy hell, we're going to waste a draft pick on a white possession receiver who started college as a walk-on?"

Mocking the Draft has him listed as the 18th best receiver in the draft, which would get him somewhere around the 5th or 6th round. A team like Indianapolis would love Blair White, but they already have Austin Collie, so I'll look elsewhere.

When I looked at the top receivers in the NFL, statistically, almost every single one of them was a burner or has tremendous size. NFL WR's are physical freaks and White is not - but the Wes Welkers of this world sometimes put themselves in a spot to make a roster. I definitely wouldn't doubt Blair White.

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