Week 12 in Review, and the post-season is in view

So were coming down the home stretch here is what we know, I am so looking forward to next year when the Big Ten Title gets decided on the field. We are Not using the BSC, i mean BCS as a possible tie breaker scenario just to decide who gets the Rose Bowl berth. (the BSC is an acronym that starts with Bull and ends in championship). It seems to me that Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State would probably like it to be decided on the field and not my polls human or computer but it is what it is and this is the system were stuck with. Of course I do not like t and no one else does either.

As for the week itself, I was pulling for Purdue yesterday I do not think anyone thought they would give Michigan State a game but they sure did. Ohio State does what great teams do they win those tough games on the road in aa hostile environment. Wisconsin steam rolled to a win butting Michigan in a 24-0 hole and never really being seriously challenged.

As for the rest of the conference Illinois become bowl eligible finally which gives the conference 8 bowl eligible teams, I thought Northwestern would rally the troops just did not happen on a side note to the big ten and whoever schedules games do not ever play another game at Wrigley field is not designed for a football field. As for Penn State nice win to run the streak against Indiana 14-0. I really feel bad for the kids at IU they have a decent team just got figure out how to win those dogfights, maybe they will learn one day.

As for future member nebraska way to go guys you were a top ten team than lay an egg on national TV, now that BCS bowl birth is not looking like a lock.

So as for the post season Im not going to tweak my bowl predictions. Remember the only rules are that after the BCS team is selected its what ever team puts the most buts in the seats gets selected, and that the gator bowl for this year selects ahead of the insight bowl. so here the projections.

(BCS) Rose- Wisconsin Vs Stanford

(BCS) Sugar- Ohio State vs Auburn - I think Auburn losses to Alabama

Capital one- Michigan State vs Alabama -like someone pointed out to me this is too much to pass up.

Outback Bowl- Iowa vs Florida  I know some will argue this with me but Outback has a history of taking SEC East teams over any SEC west team not named Auburn

Gator Bowl- Penn State vs South Carolina- my gut says here that when the SEC opponent is selected. Florida and Arkansas will be gone to Outback and Cotton bowl, I just not so sure that they will take Mississippi State here, Georgia is also a possibility here if there 7-5 and South Carolina is 8-4 or 8-5

Insight- Michigan vs Texas A&M- the big 12 opponent here is the # 3 team after the BCS selection

Texas Bowl- Illinois vs Baylor- this could be one of the better lower tier bowl match ups.

TIcketcity Bowl- Northwestern vs Texas Tech- makes sense to have a team form Texas play in the old cotton bowl

as for Nebraska, in the cotton Bowl vs Arkansas

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