Five Reasons Why I Love Nebraska Football

I love Nebraska football. It's very simple. And I am more than excited to be welcoming them to the Big Ten. Unto my list. Just remember, haters, the 1990's were when football went from national passion to national obsession. This made Nebraska's tremendous success all the more important and memorable.

The 1990's

Along with Florida State, Nebraska was the 800 lb. gorilla in the 1990's football world. If you saw the Huskers struggling against say, Colorado, in the third quarter of a game, you'd get all excited. WOW, you would think, this would be an amazing upset. And you would have those thoughts even though, deep down, you knew Nebraska would overcome whichever opponent was threatening.


Tommy Frazier and Lawrence Phillips were exciting players, but that wasn't always the moneymaker. Defensive toughness, something which we deeply respect in Big Ten country, was also available in abundance. That's why I loved the ass kicking of Texas last year - I was getting flashbacks to those hard-nosed defensive teams of the '90's.

Basically, Nebraska football > everyone else...for a whole decade. How #$%$I($ cool is that??!! And now they're in the Big Ten.

Tommy Frazier, Eric Crouch, Scott Frost, the Option

Pretty boy quarterbacks are useful. Effective passing games are wonderful. But there was something uniquely charming about those Husker option QB's from yesteryear. Maybe we'll never see the power option in Lincoln again. Maybe the option will never be as popular or effective as it was once before. But the violently fast Nebraska teams from the 1990's certainly left an indelible mark on CFB.

So again, Nebraska Quarterbacks > Your safety, your linebacker...for the better part of 15 years.

Corn-fed Stereotypes

There's nothing but fields in Nebraska. The state symbol is a corn on the cob. Etc, etc. Nothing Big Ten country hasn't heard before. Our teams just grin, out tough you on the field, and move on. And then eat corn. And meat. And potatoes.

The Helmets

Simple and straightforward, this is the same N worn by Dave Rimington and Johnny Rodgers. And for those of you unfamiliar with Johnny Rodgers, YouTube his famous punt return. He's like the 1970's version of Reggie Bush, minus 30 lbs and $800,000 in illegal benefits.


The Fans

Screw your "large media market" ideals. Nebraska citizens watch Nebraska football. You don't think companies want to advertise on a station that the entire state is watching? When it comes to single-minded fans who love football with all their souls (and aren't douchebags), Nebraska supporters have to be put high up on that list.

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