Big Ten-ACC Challenge: Football Style

The ACC: Textbook example of when realignment goes bad, nonsensical, and sets up two declining teams... Only your basketball teams are national contenders, your football teams have historically been...average since 2004, when VT ALMOST beat Auburn. In 2005, FSU made the Orange Bowl, and fought a wild battle with Penn State that resulted in a crazy win for JoePa.

Overall, the Big Ten doesn't play the ACC that often in football. One could say the postseason berths encourage a single matchup, but, as last year went, the Big Ten won the Big Ten/ACC Challenge in both basketball and football. The underdog Wisconsin Badgers defeated Miami in a game that wasn't as close as the final score. The Iowa Hawkeyes pummeled ACC Champion Georgia Tech.

After the jump? My idea for a Big Ten - ACC Challenge: Football Style. Because everyone could use a little pizzazz in nonconference action.

This year, Ohio State will face possible ACC favorite Miami (FL). There's some outdated, but still, bad blood between these schools. Miami fans will claim till the end of time that they were robbed of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Ohio State fans will claim they earned it (they did). This year's matchup will dictate the entire season for both squads. If Miami is able to upset Ohio State, the Hurricanes will become unanimous favorites to win the ACC. Ohio State will NOT go undefeated in conference play. On the other hand, if Ohio State defeats Miami, there's going to be a ton of garbage cast about by the "national media" about how Miami was robbed and the "media" will proceed to disssect every penalty and garbage call they can find. Maybe not, but ESPN has disappointed everyone the last few years with blatant SEC homerism...

If Ohio State can defeat Miami by double digits, on the other hand... The Hurricanes' balloon will pop. No, it won't pop. It will explode. Ohio State will almost instantly be predicted to go coast to coast.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

Aside from the OSU-Miami game this year, the only ACC-Big Ten matchup will come in the Champs Sports Bowl and/or even a BCS game.

Now, I should probably go alphabetically, right? Wrong. I'm going from the basement of the conference to the top. Now, I'm leaving it up to the readers to choose (in the comments, guys, I can't have a billion polls on one fanpost; it's just not happening) which ACC team you would like to play. (No, this will likely never happen in real life. Stop looking at me that way.)






Michigan State.



Penn State.


Ohio State.

(BONUS) Heck, you want to toss Nebraska in there for next year's purposes? Be my guest.

Who would you have them play? For the record, I'd take Wisconsin over Boston College, home and away...

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