My Top 25 Week 3


1. Alabama: The Crimson Tide are #1 until proven otherwise. A lot is being made of their next three games against Arkansas, Florida, and South Carolina. However, I think of those three, only Arkansas has a really legit shot of taking them down. Florida hasn't been in sync at all this season, and I believe SouthCarolina, while good, simply doesn't have the talent to compete with Bama.

2. Ohio State: Beating Miami and having two convincing blowouts against weak opponents make Ohio State a lock for the number two spot at the moment. Wisconsin and Iowa are certainly capable of beating OSU, but they really need to get their acts together for that to happen, especially on special teams. Of course, so does Ohio State. That could be their downfall.

3. Boise State: The Virginia Tech win has lost luster, and that could hurt them entering WAC play.

4. TCU: There isn't any denying that TCUhas a tougher conference slate than Boise. If both remain undefeated later in the season, I would put TCU ahead of Boise.

5. Oregon: They could be just as good as Bama and OSU for all we know. The problem is that they've played absolute cupcakes.

6. Oklahoma: The only reason they are ahead of Nebraska is because they destroyed FSU. Plus, Air Force is arguably a top 25-30 team.

7. Nebraska. Copy and paste Oregon's here. Edit so it accounts for Washington, who is a good, yet not great opponent..

8. Utah: Is it just me, or is Utah really not getting any attention?

9. Texas: 3 wins, 2 underwhelming wins. The third game was against the powerhouse of Wyoming.

10. Wisconsin: 3 wins, 3 underwhelming wins.

11. Florida: 3 wins, 3 underwhelming wins. See a trend here?

12. Arizona: Beating a top ten team tends to jump you in the polls. My only question is whether they will throw it all away in conference play. (No rhyme intended)

13. Arkansas: Credit is due for beating Georgia, but does it merit a top 10 ranking? Especially considering their two other opponents?

14. Stanford: At this point, the teams start to become interchangeable.

15. Auburn: Seriously, they become really interchangeable. I feel like Auburn is more of a 20th place team, but I can't think of any other teams that should legitimately be above them. That's with them struggling to beat Mississippi State and needing OT to beat Clemson.

16. Iowa: This team was probably better than Arizona, but special teams killed them early.

17. Miami, FL: They are probably still the favorite in the ACC. However, they are lucky they didn't get blown out in Columbus. Special teams saved them.

18. West Virginia: Good win against Maryland. Can they beat LSU?

19. Penn State: Good job getting a shutout, but their win still felt underwhelming.

20. Michigan State: Great win, but who knows how they will be affected by their coaching situation?

21. Air Force: Even with the loss against Oklahoma, Air Force is a legit team, especially with the running game.

22. LSU: They haven't proved a thing. They shouldn't be in the top 20 until they do.

23. Michigan: Good News: Denard Robinson plays QB. Bad News: He isn't a defensive end. Nor is he defensive tackle. Nor a safety. Nor a cornerback. Nor a linebacker. You get the point.

24. South Carolina: Why so low? Because this team is the most overrated team in the country. Period. It is beyond me how an unranked team that has been very mediocre in the past has gotten into the top 12 when they have beaten...Southern Miss (decent, but nothing special), Georgia (better, but still not great), and Furman (did anyone notice how long it took for them to put away Furman? They still had a realistic chance to comeback early in the fourth quarter!).

25. Oregon State: Good team. Then again, a bunch of other teams could be in this spot, too.

Other Big Ten Teams considered...


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