Man That's A Good Play: The Wisconsin Student Body Right Sweep Sponsored by RO*TEL

This post is sponsored by ROTEL.

Let's say you were an opponent of the Big Ten Network at some time. The TV quality was horrendous, the announcers bland, and the ads were corny. That was probably early last year. Fast forward to 2010. I can watch UP TO 4 SEPARATE BIG TEN GAMES HOLY MOTHER OF GOD thanks to regional programming which somehow my backwoods cable picks up. The screen definition is improved. Sure, the Universities helped improve this tremendous tool, but let's also give some credit to one consistent BTN Sponsor, and thus a good friend of mine...ROTEL.

Along with Barbasol, I am truly thankful to have corporate sponsors keeping my DVR full of Big Ten football games. And apparently RO(STAR)TEL is happy to have us as bloggers and you as a fan because dammit, they're going to throw some amazing prizes your way if you sign up here. Prizes include groceries for a year (uh huhh), autographed college football jerseys (you don't say..) or $100 to shop with at your team's apparel store (niceeee). So click the link, take a look at some tomatoes, think about that amazing dip combo you can make up...and look below for a discussion of Student Body Right, the simple sweep play that Wisconsin runs to perfection.


Instead of a long, technical analysis of Wisky's run game, I just want to talk about what exactly the Student Body Right run is in my mind and why it's been such a good play for the Badgers.

What is Student Body Right?

Back in the day, USC ran a famous power sweep with their incredible running backs. Because the students were sitting at field level at each end zone, it looked from the defenders perspective like the entire student section was leading these power sweeps. Hence Student Body Right. Call it old fashioned, but it's not much different than what Wisky does.

The Wisky Student Body Right: Why It's So Good

Simple facts about the Wisconsin Student Body Right:

  • The key is to overwhelm the defense by jamming a fullback and pulling guard to one side of the defense.
  • Wisconsin runs this via pitch or counter.
  • Urban Meyer runs a sweep with pulling guards. He does it from the shotgun set and asks his 180 lb backs to hide behind blockers and squirt through holes. Wisconsin runs SBR from under center and asks the running backs to run up the backs of blockers, or generally to smash through everything in their way.
  • Wisconsin has a 307 lb fullback they use on a consistent basis. That's nasty.

This year's Badger squad looks very comfortable running the ball and the big linemen are pulling cleanly. John Clay is eating people for lunch and frankly, Clay is either falling forward or running over defenders, always a good sign for a power run team.

How Do You Stop This Magical Play

Well, of course you can dream of up-front penetration, but the actual best strategy is to stack the box, scrape a safety down for help, and swarm the initial blocker and RB.

Anything Else I Need to know?

This play still works because Wisconsin can run it at anytime with their personnel. So while people move to quicker, more agile defenders across the board, Wisconsin stays big. Bielemas' apple didn't fall far from the Alvarez tree.

I think you should know: Your team is going to be smashed in the mouth by this old-fashioned but highly effective sweep play in 2010. So just pray it's slowed early because if these pounding linemen are healthy, you're going to be seeing a lot of overloading and sweeps to either way.

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