MACrifice No More!

Was Bo Ryan dressed in a Bielema suit? Because Wisconsin's average time of possession was about the same as the swing offense. Thad Matta had to have been promoted to offensive coordinator of the Buckeyes, because there's no way Jim Tressel would ever have done that otherwise.

After the jump: How do we avoid the ritual MACrifices that eSECpn condemns the conference for? Why not...beat up on the ACC?

So, unless you're a Purdue fan, you were pretty happy this weekend. Wisconsin put up 70 points (basketball offense, Scott Tolzien was almost perfect from beyond the arc). Ohio State put up an unfathomable 73 points (basketball offense again, Terrelle Pryor WAS perfect from beyond the arc). Michigan slammed the door on the worst tacklers in FBS (another basketball offense, didn't matter who was taking the shot, it just went in) to the tune of 65 points. Iowa pummeled hapless Ball State (holding them to identical passing and rushing offense numbers). Indiana won rather handily, Northwestern took care of business (but was VERY lucky to escape), Illinois was out of service (which could describe MANY things about them), NIU did what it was supposed to, and Penn State came from behind to supplant Temple as the best team in the state.

But as a whole, this nonconference slate was...uninspiring. Yes, Ohio State shot down Eastern Michigan, but they were supposed to (the Owls are kinda...terrible). Wisconsin signed up Austin Peay for the purpose of building Brad Nortman's net yardage as time expired. Purdue signed up Toledo and got burned badly. Iowa signed up Ball State just so they COULD massacre them.

Enough is enough. This MACrificing is not helping anyone (aside from NIU, which built its resume so they could join the Big Ten, and Toledo, which is looking for a bowl berth for the first time since Bruce Gradkowski). If anything, the Big Ten is smashing the MAC so badly that the MAC looks and feels like fail.

What do we do? The SEC would hammer Ohio State (or so I've heard), and eSECpn would surely spin that into "Big Ten sucks" broadcasts even if ALL the other Big Ten teams won. The Pac 10 is just a bit too competitive, but I'm certain that USC would meet a horrible demise if they faced the Buckeyes this year. Yeah, you heard me. The Big Twelve? Who wants to deal with THEM? Big East? Full of fail.

That leaves the ACC.

The ACC is rather...paltry, this year. N.C. State would go a long way towards building their NCAA Tourn- I mean. BCS bid, with a win over VT this weekend. Boston College just can't play VT EVER AGAIN, JaFOURy Harris is terrible against Big Ten teams, and Florida State...can't play anyone outside their own conference, and would get punished many times over in Madison. I think the Badgers could roll up 70 points on THEM, too.

So, here goes my idealized lineup for a Week 4 ACC/Big Ten Challenge.


N.C. State vs/@ Wisconsin - Really, this needs to happen.

UNC vs/@ Michigan State - Crossover Hoops juju would make this game a sellout, no word on whether Tom Izzo would shove Mark Dantonio out of the way and coach Kirk Cousins to victory, though...

Wake Forest vs/@ Northwestern - I think this would be interesting. Wake is schizophrenic at home and nowhere near their 2006 form.

Ohio State vs/@ Florida State - Premier program in Ohio State vs. the ACC Grandfather? Should be interesting. (Florida State hasn't been a title contender since the beginning of the new millenium)

Iowa vs/@ Miami - Both programs suffered disappointing losses in non-conference play; Iowa's secondary IS (IMO) better than Ohio State's. Plus they don't have walking PI penalty Devon Torrence starting at corner...

Indiana vs/@ Duke - I imagine hoops juju would also make this game a sellout, even in Wallace Wade.

NIU vs/@ BC - I can't imagine how this would turn out, but I think it would be...interesting...

Michigan vs/@ Maryland - Both teams desperately trying to shake a losing bug, sadly, there are no ties anymore so someone has to go home with a loss

Clemson vs/@ Penn State - Hype war, one I think Clemson would fall miserably short in. Robert Bolden IS the real deal at Penn State thus far.

Georgia Tech vs/@ Purdue - Miserable nonconference losses have left these potential conference contenders at the bottom, looking up. Someone HAS to win.

Virginia Tech vs/@ Nebraska - The way Nebraska played against South Dakota State leaves me wondering if they prepared for Seattle a little too much. But these teams were once top 5, legitimate contenders for the National Championship, especially during the days of Eric Crouch and Michael Vick (when he was still a kid who could run REALLY fast).

Virginia vs/@ Illinois - It seemed like just a little while ago, these programs were respectable. Then Al Groh's QBs forgot how to complete a forward pass and Zook's recruits couldn't hack it against Western Michigan.


(in case you're wondering why NIU is now a member of the Big Ten, please look up 2010 Minnesota football results and all sho- Can't say, my Minnesota contempt/sarcasm/HATE filter just locked up and committed suicide.)

So what do you think?

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