Open Letter to Brian Cook

[Ed. - Bumped.  Because Dave Brandon promised me a ride in the Dominos private jet if I shared this.]

Dear Mr. Cook:

          I am a Buckeye fan.  If, for that reason alone, you must disregard this Open Letter ... well, nothing to be done.

          When Coach Rodriguez was hired just about three years ago, you ran a post and proclaimed "Peanut Butter and Jelly With a Baseball Bat."  You posted the cartoons and it was an ode to joy; an expression of the hopes of what was to come.  It was wonderful, appropriate and altogether good (at least from the Michigan vantage point).

          I humbly suggest that it is now time for you to post something similar concerning Coach Hoke.  Personally, my advice is to run the same.  No matter that such might disgust you, that you might bang the keystrokes in frustration and anger, no matter the constant cursing and possible tearing up, no matter any of those things. An appearance of of joyousness is necessary.

          It cannot be doubted or argued from all of your long hours of blogging for Michigan: you are "all in for Michigan."  That means you're all in for Hoke and, consequently, it's "100% pure colombian awesome" again.   Maybe it is not plausible to post the "dancing banana" again given "Profiles in Cronyism" now re-playing at your local non-Michigan B1G TEN blog.  However, something is in order that is as equally wonderful, appropriate and altogether good.

          You are the  opinion leader of a significant segment of the Michigan fan base.  As such, it is incumbent upon you -- it leans against you, bears down upon you, as a heavy weight -- to lead your followers to at least an outwardly supportive stance of the new Michigan coach. 

          Otherwise the term "Hater" falls to you and yours.

          When you wrote your Eulogy to Bo Schembechler, you wrote the following words: 

"It occurs that at some point the Michigan program acquired the traits you hold dear -- loyalty, honesty, tradition, victory."

          If those four words really mean something, you and the MGoBlog community need to fall in line behind Coach Hoke. You live in Interesting Times, Mr. Cook.


Buckeye Fan
Tired of Reading 13-year-old Girl Hysteria on MGoBlog

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