Five CFB-Related Things To Do In The Offseason To Overcome Your Grief That College Football Doesn't Start For Eight Months

Please add other ideas as they cross your brilliant minds...I woke up lonely this morning, not thrilled over recruiting stuff and wondering what the hell I'm going to do over these next months. So I figured I would write down all the things I do to make up for this glaring lack of football in my life.

1. Start Reading College Football Data Warehouse and

I'm serious, these sites are gateways to statistical awesomeness. From 1968 until 1977, only Michigan and Ohio State won or shared the Big Ten Conference Titles. That's crazy! And when I took a look at Illinois' defensive splits from 2010, I was duly impressed. Only two games did they allow over 30 points; they held Michigan State, Ohio State, and Mizzou under 30. That's crazy!

2. Start Rewatching Big Ten Games on Your DVR or On-Demand

How many games did you miss this year due to mid-day naps and the like? I'll bet 90% of you didn't see the Iowa-Indiana game that came down to the last minute. Well go find it, crack open a beer, and watch it on Saturday. Unless you would rather watch Saturday afternoon Big East basketball on ESPN and hear about their "dominance" (Three titles in 24 years, yessir, so dominant).

3. Contribute to the OTE Community for Big Ten 2011

Last year we dedicated a week to every single Big Ten team, starting in March and ending sometime in early Summer. Five days, 5+ articles for each team (here's JJ Watt's MVP Profile, where we learned he was on an MTV reality show as a love interest). This year we'll do the same; If you have some special knowledge of Big Ten football (Are you a former high school linebacker who can explain why Penn State always has great LB's? Are you dating Terrelle Pryor's sister? Are you the DJ at Ryan Field who plays the "growl"...oh wait, already got that covered), we'd love for you to write an article during that week. Just send me a message with what you're thinking.

4. Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting.

Especially in these next couple of weeks, immerse yourself in recruiting. Michigan has a disappointing class, probably their lowest ranked class since rankings began. Is this going to affect Brady Hoke? You can start your immersion with this Doctor Saturday piece about how much recruiting rankings really mean. (And WOW can USC recruit or what...)

5. Pay Attention To Your Girlfriend, Wife, and/or Kids

5. Complain Vociferously About The New Big Ten Logo, Names

Our complaints are rolling out at a nice clip, mocking Legends and Leaders and questioning the Notorious BIG looking official logo (which I love, because, well, B I G P O PPA, no info, for the DEA, Federal Agents mad cause I'm flagrant, tap my cell and my phone in the basement). But please, keep 'em coming, keep your fire stoked for that first time you have to discuss who the favorite is going to be in the Leaders division and you feel like an idiot.


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