Three Schools of Thought on the Michigan-Michigan State Game

Pretty easy to find yourself a place here that fits your thoughts on UM - MSU...


The Haters

Although it's the battle of Michigan, that is just about the extent of this games importance. Both teams are like...6's and if Michigan stays undefeated much longer, Jon's going to have to write a "Death of the Big Ten" article. No matter how undefeated Michigan is, even after Saturday, they a) haven't played anyone and b) really really don't deserve that Top 10 ranking. I mean forgodssakes, if they made a low level BCS bowl, they'd play someone like Oklahoma State and uh yeah, I'm taking the Cowboys there. And if the Spartans win? Congratulations, stick around EL to get murdered by Wisconsin and then off to Nebby. "Legends" my ass.


MSU's "4 game stretch of death" looks more like "one loss and a few cripple fights against overrated programs." And they'll still go 1-3, maybe 2-2.

For Michigan, it's all a waiting game anyways, waiting and waiting for Denard to get hurt. And he will, probably Saturday, just like he does every year. And then we're back to square one.

Michigan is on a tight rope and they're going to slip. It won't be subtle either, all of a sudden one of the linebackers will limp off the field and the Spartans will be getting seven yards per rush like last year. The unbelievable lack of injuries and fortunate bounces (see ND, NW turnovers) will end soon and Michigan will start playing like the 7-5 team they truly are.

The Realists

MSU may be the best team left on Michigan's schedule, depending on how Ron Zook's squad turns out. Preseason favorites Nebraska and Ohio State are both full of holes caused by suspension, injury, or bad coaching. If Michigan turns out to even be 75% the team that some think they are, we're looking at 9 the least. Saturday's game then? Humongous, maybe not on a national level, but on a "made a surprising run for the B1G championship game" level.

You sir, are excited about the Michigan defense. Don't be. Remember discussion of all those great halftime adjustments the Michigan defense is making? I'm not sold (and neither is MGo). Maybe the Wolverines just play better in the 2nd half? All in all, it's a vast improvement over the 2010 defensive squad, or at least we think it is so far. But the bubble screen problem against Northwestern was worrying, really worrying, especially because Michigan State short throws and bubbles all day. Point being? Don't get too high on the Michigan defense yet.

The weakness of the Spartan OL is troubling. The weakness of the Michigan LB corps is troubling. Who will suck worse on Saturday? My guess is the Spartan OL, who struggled with ND's simple stunts and will be surprised by the suddenly aggressive Michigan D.


The Fanboys

WOOOOOOOOOOO Sparty On! Four in a row, four in a row!

Just like Bama Hawkeye predicts, Michigan has the inside track to a BCS game. He will now get raked over the coals as Michigan plays above expectations every week, getting closer and closer to that magical 10th win and a Legends title.

Really, MSU? Really? Kirk Cousins may be Mother Theresa's gift to NCAA football, but his penchant for throwing bad picks for absolutely no reason will inevitably doom Sparty. And since Michigan apparently knows how to cause TO's this year, I see a match made in Ann Arbor heaven. ALSO - Cousins has so much seniority and respect that no one's giving him the business for throwing those horrendous passes. He tossed one v. OSU, walked to the sidelines and...nothing. No one in his face, no stern words from the coaches. That is bad news, because he's not going to learn better if kid glove coaching is being used.

No one is talking about the most obvious thing here - MSU knows how to handle Denard (see, 2010) and doesn't fear his legs at all. Combine that fearlessness with Denard's amazing inaccurate passing, and you've got yourself a full blown Spartan advantage when #16 is dropping back to pass.

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