Graham's Random Thoughts: Ohio State's Ineptitude Has Changed the B1G

I'm going to write really incorrect titles this week. Let's go^


Purdue Barely Survives Talented Minnesota Squad

Didn't watch a down of this game because I was too busy playing touch football (my friends v. local news station, started out like a normal game until we started designing blocking schemes and running read option). What did we learn? Minnesota is who we thought they were, one of the worst teams we've seen in recent B1G history.


Indiana Upset By Genius Gameplan of Ron Zook

This was Fumblefest 2011 early and I felt like Indiana actually might keep the game close. Then Indiana remembered their defenders are softer than the Marshmallow Man and undefeated Illinois marched on. If I had made the preseason prediction that Illinois would be a touchdown favorite against OSU, you all would have shot me. But the Buck's weaknesses have made an 8-0 Illinois team look like a real possibility. Hang on for a second...

/passes out

I'm sorry, did you say 8-0 llinois?

Razzle Dazzle Flazzle: Flashy Nittany Lions Beat Iowa, Per Usual

It's going to be the question around these parts as to whether PSU's defense is actually as good as they looked Saturday. I'll say this - The offenses of the B1G are unimpressive as a whole this year, making it damn clear that a good defense will get you somewhere against teams like Iowa or Ohio State. I mean look at this:

Above Average Offenses: Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska

Last year, almost every B1G team had a functioning passing attack. Things done changed.


Vaunted Ryan Field Crowd, Known As "The 12th, or even 13th, Man" Cannot Slow Pinpoint Passing of Denard Robinson

Sometime this week, the OTE Power Poll will show Wisconsin at #1 and Michigan at #2. Robinson's aforementioned passing causes me to just shake my head at this. To borrow from the old Field of Dreams adage, if you blitz him, he will turn the ball over. But the Michigan defense and their 2nd half adjustments give me much hope. Why? Because the talent they do have (all up front) is top shelf and the defensive changes they've made in every game have worked. #PersaNotStrongEnoughAgainstMichigan.

If Michigan puts 40 up on MSU next week, I would not be surprised. If they lost by three touchdowns and Denard throws four picks, I would not be surprised. It's a wild, wild world right now in the B1G.


Buckeye Players, Fans Obviously Looking Towards Basketball Season During Loss To Nebby

Jesus, who knew?

"Everyone wants to doubt him. Whatever," coach Bo Pelini said of his sophomore quarterback. "You guys can choose to write whatever you want and attack him like the fans will, and now they'll praise him."

God forbid people criticize a quarterback who throws three interceptions in the biggest game in of the year. Angry comments aside, this was one hell of a comeback and again, let me stress that OSU's mediocrity has a real impact on the B1G. Oh, you thought Nebraska was a 9 win team? Shitty Ohio State just made them a 10 win team.

Comments: OSU's line looked slow, Nebraska can't throw the ball (except when they can), and Taylor Martinez v. Denard Robinson is going to be the equivalent of dating a hot schizophrenic girl. Everything will be fast, all over the place, and you won't be real sure what's going to happen next but it's going to be exciting in some way.

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