The Obligatory Predictions Competiton - Week 14

Hard to believe, but it's Championship Week. Whoever is at the top of the integrated standings when the final whistle sounds will be the proud recipient of a $50.00 gift certificate, courtesy of Gameday Depot.
Integrated standings, what's that, you ask? Admittedly, I've been a bit lax announcing winners and updating the leaderboard on the site for the past month, but fortuantely, the fine servers at Yahoo! are not so easily distracted. Here's a look at the current Top 13:

1. downfall (236-50)

2. El Niche (235-51)

3 Boilerman31's Picks (234-52)

T-4 HoyaGoon (231-55)

T-4 Goldy Appreciation Society (231-55)

T-4 CatsArgentina (231-55)

T-4 Clint Barton (231-55)

T-8 Go Hawks (230-56)

T-8 Bama Hawkeye (230-56)

T-8 buckyor (230-56)

T-11 In The Deed The Glory (229-57)

T-11 GCS (229-57)

T-13 josephacampbell (228-58)

T-13 John Veldhuis (228-58)

T-13 cbrett42 (228-58)

T-13 PaternosGranddaughter (228-58)

Use this list to see how you measure up, then log onto Yahoo! to weigh in.

1. No. 22 TEXAS @ No. 17 BAYLOR, 3:30 p.m. EST (12/3)



Don’t pick against the Horns (oh, my bad TAMU, the horns) this year or they’ll break your heart. Lots of talent, per usual, and lots of defensive ability make them scary. Baylor with RG3, who is playing, is even scarier though. Baylah (like Tom Wolfe would write it) wins.

JON predicts BAYLOR

I watched the Oklahoma game. That's all you need to know.

2. THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP, No. 14 GEORGIA vs. No. 1 LSU, 4:00 p.m. EST (12/3)


GRAHAM predicts LSU

Meaningless game apparently? Should be semi-entertaining, really no one’s made a run at LSU this year, so if Georgia even keeps it close, I’ll be watching. Even though it’s meaningless. LSU wins.

JON predicts LSU

LSU has nothing to lose. So why do they win? Defense. It's always the defense.

3. THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP, No. 5 VIRGINIA TECH vs. No. 20 CLEMSON, 8:00 p.m. EST (12/1)


VT should be fine. The Hokies are playing solid Beamerball of late. Clemson is being Clemson of late. VT wins.


Payback's a bitch.

4. No. 10 OKLAHOMA @ No. 3 OKLAHOMA STATE (12/1)


Game of the week: Can anyone stop anyone? Can Oklahoma take the ball away from Weeden like, ahem, ISU did? Or does OSU’s deluge of T Boone vertical routes prove to be too much? The Cowboys win, keeping BCS hopes alive.


The question here: which Oklahoma defense shows up? The one that gave up 616 yards to Baylor, or the one that (more recently) held Iowa State to 245? In all honesty, probably neither, but as long as the Oklahoma secondary plays with purpose and nets a few key stops, I think the Sooners steal a victory in Stillwater. And just like that, the SEC wins its Sixth MNC in a row. Remember, you can't spell "consecutive" without "s-e-c."

5. No. 15 WISCONSIN @ No. 13 MICHIGAN STATE, 8:17 p.m. EST (12/1)


Our MSU readers have been of late over the numerous slights, both real and perceived. Well – win here and you get to go to Pasadena and sleep on Jon’s couch. Lose here…and probably stop bitching. Vegas and I say Wisky wins, but this will be a close game, no question.


He's not kidding about the couch thing, we live a mile from the Rose Bowl. My full analysis of this game will be published later today, but for now, all you need to know is Wisconsin in a close one.

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