Dear Nebraska, Welcome to the Big Ten...From Purdue

Hammer and Rails has really come into its own as an important Purdue blog; their recent commentary about hoops has been extensive and informative. My thanks to T-Mill for his Welcome Letter...

Welcome to West Lafayette. Please Clean Up After Yourselves.

Hi Guys, T-Mill here from the Purdue SBNation community, Hammer & Rails. I know you probably haven't given much thought to us Boilermakers over in the Leaders (or is it Legends? I really don't know or care) Division, but trust us, we're here. You likely won't be seeing us at Lucas Oil Stadium any time soon since we have that behemoth Ohio State in our way, but once every decade or so we might make a run. As far down as we look right now, it feels like decades for sure.

Anyway, we're going to be sharing a conference with you, so there are a few things you should know about us:

  • For the love of God do not call us Purdon't or Purwho - Trust us when we say this, we have heard this one thousands of times and each person thinks it is original every time. It is not. You are not being clever when you use it. In fact, if you call us that we're probably going to link you in with Notre Dame fans, and no self-respecting college football fan wants that.
  • We hate Iowa too - But mostly because Jim Delaney told us we do.
  • We like football, but we're more of a basketball school - I think we're going to get along fine as you give us basketball and we trade off by giving you football. We're going to see you in basketball much sooner anyway. Just please, please be careful around Robbie Hummel's knee when we play you. Our fans can't take another incident. In fact, be careful around everyone's knees. For some reason West Lafayette, Indiana has become a nexus in the universe for weak ACLs.
  • We think you'll like West Lafayette - Once you finally come for football you should find plenty of tickets. I respect your consecutive sellout streak, mostly because we haven't been within 10,000 seats of a sellout in some time. Trust me, you will find plenty of empty seats. For basketball you will get to play in our recently renovated Mackey Arena with top notch amenities. For baseball we are debuting the new Lambert Field next season as well.


  • If you can beat Indiana in basketball that would be great - Trust us, we'll love you guys forever and it would really piss them off too.
  • West Lafayette is your typical college town - We have lots of great bars and local restaurants. Feel free to visit my handy GameDay Guide to West Lafayette for some more details on how to get here, where to stay, where to drink, and what to do.
  • Our women's teams are good too - I understand you guys have a good volleyball program. We were in the Elite 8 this past year and hope to reach a Final Four soon. We're also the defending National Champs in Women's golf and usually pretty good at women's basketball.
  • Our fans are used to being burned, so be gentle - Purdue has a history of getting agonizingly close in both football and basketball, but then having greatness ripped away painfully. It has been almost seven years since The Fumble and we still haven't recovered. Robbie Hummel's knee buckling at Minnesota possibly cost us a National Championship last season. I have a personal history of attending about a dozen Purdue football games lost on last minute plays. We're kind of like the Cubs, right down to the fact our baseball team hasn't won a Big Ten title in over 100 years.
  • Our fans are deeply loyal - We know we have a pretty small fanbase in respect to many of the schools in the conference, but those of that are fans are deeply loyal with strong ties to the university. There really isn't such a thing as a bandwagon Purdue fan. We know bandwagoners when we see them because we share a state with Indiana basketball and Notre Dame football. Unlike a lot of their fans, we actually attended our school. We won't invade your stadiums by the thousands, but those that show up will be ready to have a good time and socialize.
  • Finally, please beat Indiana in basketball - We've really enjoyed them at the bottom of the Big Ten standings the last three years and would like to keep them there.
  • So there you have it. I think you'll find we're pretty easy to get along with. No one really hates us in this conference except Indiana, and after finishing in last place each of the last three years in football and basketball, they don't have much room for hate (ed. note: Indiana actually finished 2nd to last during the 2009-2010 basketball season, but the point stands). We're looking forward to seeing you come to town.

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