Humbled OSU: The side we haven't seen

OSU fans, remember all those times we called you assholes? Remember when Wisconsin beat you in football, and when they rushed the field you were like, "What's the point in rushing the field? It's a stupid football game." Or the time when Wisconsin beat you in basketball and they rushed the court and you were like, "What's the point in rushing the court? It's a stupid basketball game."

Well that's not all. Many, MANY OSU fans defended and even supported Tressel along the way (which is completely acceptable), and also supported Pryor (which is completely unacceptable). Now I'm reading through blogs seeing, "I used to defend them, but now they have just done too much."


You thought WE were the assholes for poking fun at the Tat-5 or getting into Tressel's business when they found out he was lying. Now you look stupid. And this doesn't go for everyone. But most everyone in the Big Ten (and the national media for that matter) wanted to investigate more because we knew where there was smoke, there was fire. And OSU said there wasn't.  

Don't get me wrong... I feel bad for the whole situation. As a fanbase, OSU has to be crushed. NO ONE wants this for their team and I certainly don't wish it upon a fanbase (although as an Iowa fan I can't say now that it has happened, I wish it never happened, because really, as a fan that strives to beat Ohio State, this is a small victory).

And that leads me to my main point: We have an even playing field. OSU is no longer superior. Penn State and Wisconsin look to have a better chance at this point than Ohio State in the leaders division. In fact, if things keep going the way they are, Ohio State could be looking at a historically horrible season. 

Akron isn't the best team in the world (only won 1 game last year), but they will be looking for one win this season and one win only: Ohio State. 

Toledo had a fairly successful season last year going 8-5. I have a friend who is now a scholarship punter for the team and he has said that it is ALL they talk about, beating Ohio State. 

Not to mention, Michigan State won't be an easy Big Ten opener. Especially without 5 starters that were supposed to be. And with this snowball effect, it could be a lot more.... and possibly for longer. 

What I'm trying to get at is this: This scandal may make the Big Ten more enjoyable and Ohio State fans more tolerable. Any Iowa fan will tell you Ohio State has the snottiest fans who think they are the coolest kids at the tailgate. Maybe, just maybe, after a few losses and a mid-December bowl game, Ohio State fans will appreciate the game a little more.

That's what we love here in Iowa. We are starting this season under the radar. We are widely picked as a middle-of-the-pack Big Ten team that may win 8 games if we are lucky. And that is what we LOVE. We can't wait to come out this season and win the Legends division (optimism never hurts). That is something Ohio State has lacked. The drive. The excitement. They are expected to win the Big Ten. Never exciting. Just expected to win it. Now, maybe within the next few years we will see an Ohio State fanbase and team that gets excited to play a Northwestern or a non-conference basement dweller. 

That is what I hope for out of this experience and I would like to see other's points of view.

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