B1G 2011 // Nebraska Cocktail Party Preview: Are The Huskers B1G Frontrunners Now?

Nebraska at a glance...

First Season: 1890
Head Coach: Bo Pelini (4th Year, 30-12)
All-Time Record: 847-345-41(.703%)
2010 Record: 10-4 (6-2 Conference)

Let's be honest - 2010 Nebraska should have won 12 games. Weak Big 12 plus the worst Texas team in a decade plus cake non-conf schedule plus great defensive players....equals a bit more than 10-4.


But injuries mounted and defenses figured out how to slow the 250 ypg rushing offense. Anyone watch that TAMU-Nebraska contest? With the Aggies unable to do one damn thing offensively, NU simply needed a late touchdown to pull off a close victory and take a Top 10 ranking back to Lincoln. But they couldn't do it.

So here we are in 2011 with -

  • A new conference...
  • A new division within that conference...
  • A rebuilt, inexperienced offense...

And yet, the Huskers are in perfect position to succeed. An oddly accommodating schedule (thanks Jim Tressel!) and a weaker Legends Division (thanks Michigan!) should serve NU some early success on a platter. We even have them going to the Capitol One Bowl before OSU went into Scandal Tailspin Mode. So does any of this preseason hype make sense?

Some Broad Questions, Comments, Ideas

Will there be a better defense in the Big Ten than whatever the Huskers have to offer?

Seriously, how cool is it to see Nebraska in the Big Ten? How amazing is that first time going to be when you endure a smashmouth early Fall matchup in the beloved home stadium with a visiting sea of red across from the student section and you realize it's not the douchey visiting OSU fans?

Who would you take in a Nose Tackle Fantasy Draft, Jared Crick or Jerel Worthy?


It seems so simple to say but seriously, Nebraska-Wisconsin, October 1, under the lights...Winner takes all?

Nebraska has a killer defense with some monster LB's. They also run the ball right at your soul. I'm sorry, why weren't they invited to the Big Ten earlier?

Taylor Martinez is rumored to have vastly improved his throwing mechanics. Will we see instant improvement from the guy who struggled to complete anything past 5 yards during the second half of 2010?

Apparently the Nebraska offense is being rebuilt. Will we still see a lot of option looks? Who are the deep threats? Can Martinez stay healthy? Oh my god, who is the backup quarterback?

Will Bama Hawkeye's theory about offensive linemen starts doom a Husker team with the least returning OL experience in the Big Ten?


In the cupboard...
Total returning starters:
12 (5 Offense, 7 Defense)

2011 Schedule:

Date Opponent
09/03/11 Tenn (Chatt)
09/10/11 Fresno State
09/17/11 Washington
09/24/11 @Wyoming
10/01/11 @Wisconsin
10/08/11 OSU
10/22/11 @Mini
10/29/11 MSU
11/05/11 NW
11/12/11 @PSU
11/19/11 @Michigan
11/25/11 Iowa
12/03/11 Big Ten Championship


This week...

MONDAY | NU Cocktail Party Preview

TUESDAY | Point/Counterpoint

WEDNESDAY | 4th and 3


FRIDAY | Keeping the Enemy Close - Rival Blogger Interview

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