Early B1G Power Rankings

I know this will go up eventually with the big writers, but I want to know what everyone is thinking now after the Russell Wilson transfer and the Ohio State fallout. I'll post mine and I want to see how everyone else feels. And instead of everyone posting the exact same ranking, if you find one that is exactly like yours, rec it. It just makes the comments that much cleaner. If you want to be extra-bold and post record predictions, go right ahead. I'm not that good.

And a sorry to all the Michigan State fans I may have offended in the article a posted a few days ago. No such discrimination here today. So, here I go:

1.  Wisconsin

I had them as a slight favorite over Ohio State in the Leaders division before Russell Wilson, and now I have much more confidence in them. Quarterback was my main concern with the Badgers, and now I think they are a much more well-rounded team.

2.  Nebraska

Nebraska may lose more games than they hope to in their first year, but they will definitely be the team to beat in the Legends division, and I predict they will meet Wisconsin in the B1G Championship debut. Offense is the main concern here. It could hurt them big time.

3.  Ohio State

They may lose 3 games, but they will finish strong to finish ranked in the top 15.

4.  Iowa

Call me a homer, but Iowa works best under the radar. They have probably the easiest schedule in the Big Ten, so I suspect only 1-2 losses in Big Ten play. The only problem is if they end up going 7-1 in conference play, they still wouldn't have won enough big games. 4th is a good spot for a homer.

5.  Illinois

They finished very strong and were 1 of 2 B1G teams to win a bowl game. They are on an upward climb. They can come out of nowhere. This is my wild card team.

6. Michigan State

This year's schedule is pretty brutal, with away games at Ohio State, Nebraska and Iowa, along with a home game against Wisconsin: all in a 6 game stretch. Not to mention a very, very strong Notre Dame team that gave them a run for their money last year. It would be asking too much for another 10-win season, let alone a division title.

7.  Penn State

They may be better than last year's team, but there are still a few question marks that make it hard to place them higher.

t-7. Michigan

A much better year in Big Ten play will make them a solid middle of the pack team that can pull a few upsets, but it will take another year for Hoke to shine.

9.  jNorthwestern

This may seem low for jNorthwestern fans, but every year it seems that Northwestern might come out of B1G play with a great year, then they shoot themselves in the foot (last year started 7-3, then finished 7-6). I actually could have easily put them at 7th, but I don't have enough confidence.

10. Minnesota

If you read the FanShot Ted Glover posted, he gives the perspective of a very optimistic Minnesota fan. For that, I give him pity 10th place. This could have been lower, in my mind.

11. Purdue

As an Iowa fan, they are OMHR, so logically, I have to say they suck. But in reality, they aren't much better.

12. Indiana


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