2010 BCS 'Play-off'

All of you have heard the argument for the 16-team play-off in college football and about the same amount of people support it. Our bowl system now allows 70 teams to play in bowl games.... over half of the FBS. Sure, basement-dwelling schools have a 6-6 year and get pumped to play in the Poinsettia Bowl, but then what? It doesn't mean anything. 

Not even the BCS games for me. The BCS bowl games create SO many more questions than they answer. TCU won the Rose Bowl and half the nation was shocked. Then people started wondering, "Hey, what if they played Stanford or Ohio State who won their bowl games? What would that be like?" All it does is create unfair rankings and what is essentially an incomplete play-off: the top teams play their ONE game and then it's over. 

If any of you have read Death to the BCS by Dan Wetzel (and I highly recommend it), you would already know everything bad about our system. Going to a bowl means losing money more often than not. In fact, a direct quote from the book shows the Big Ten has had it's troubles with money, too:

"The fact we didn't go to a bowl game the last two years means we actually made money," said former Michigan AD Bill Martin, trying to find the only bright side of the Wolverines' recent struggles.

So, if you have read the book, you would know what their 'play-off' system would look like. In a nutshell, it's this: EVERY conference champion get's an automatic bid: Not just BCS automatic qualifiers. That takes up 11 of the 16 seeds. The 5 remaining are At-large bids. Some will say, "That's not enough! That means my team won't get in!" Well, tough luck. In the bracket below, all top-10 teams are included. Seems pretty fair. 

The main reason I believe a play-off is the way to go is because it WORKS. When is the last time that a fanbase felt that their team deserved to go to the Super Bowl but didn't get a shot? When is the last time March Madness has completely failed us and the national champion was not widely accepted? Never. If you lose in the play-offs, you lose in the play-offs. There is no, "well..." or "yeah, but..." it's always just a, "we got beat." I have not yet seen a year of the BCS without people saying, "That's just wrong."

So, my friend and I created last year's bracket based on the format in the book. Please fill yours out (or just put the winner of each in the comments) and tell me how fucking awesome it would be.


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