B1G 2011 // Iowa Potluck - Will James Vandenberg Ever Love America As Much As Ricky Stanzi Does?

Ah boy. Ted's Pryor Legacy piece is defeating the Interwebs as we speak, but dammit it's Iowa Week, let's get some random Iowa discussion going.

Appetizer: Will James Vandenberg be the next Ricky Stanzi...or better? Will he love America as much as Stanzi did? Can he afford to be a "game manager" quarterback or is he going to have to throw the ball 30 times a game due to the weak backfield depth?

Jeremy: The next Stanzi? It's tough to imagine anyone being the next Ricky Stanzi, what with how much he loves America and all, but honestly, Vandenberg appears to be a different kind of player than Stanzi. In addition to loving America, Stanzi is a thinking man's QB who scored a 30 on his Wonderlic test. Some say Stanzi is a poor man's Tom Brady, minus the supermodel wife and Justin Beiber-esque hair tendancies.


Vandenberg isn't dumb, he's a National Honor Society member in his own right, but Stanzi won games because he didn't make mistakes. Vandenberg might be a bit more physically gifted than Stanzi, so he may provide a dimension that Mr. America couldn't.

Love America as much as Stanzi? Not a chance.

Salad: Tell me what game you're looking forward to the most this year on Iowa's schedule.

Ted: Without question the Nebraska game.  I'm a fan that really loves the tradition of college football, so I was sad to see that the battle for Floyd has been moved out of what was traditionally the last game of the year for the Gophers and the Hawkeyes. 

But what the B1G screws up, the B1G makes right, at least in this case.  The conference was smart to make this marquee game and budding rivalry a highlight game on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  There won't be a lot of college football on, and the B1G will have a great game, and it will really highlight the conference.  I really believe that this game will become the Legends Division version of The Game in that it will determine, to a large extent, who goes to the Conference Championship.  I can see the Nebraska-Iowa game becoming one of the biggest rivalry games in the conference, and it will go a long way, at least I hope it will, for Hawkeye fans who were upset to lose the Wisconsin game every year.  It might take a few years, but I think it will get to that level simply for the fact these are two great programs that will be in the thick of the hunt for a spot in the conference championship game almost every year, giving that much more meaning to the contest.  

The B1G had some hits and misses during realignment, and I'll be the first to admit that, but this is a home run all the way around, from where in the season this game is, to setting it apart from the rest of the Saturday schedule, to even putting the game in Lincoln.  If the B1G would place this in primetime, which they won't because of the no November night games rule, it would be a grand slam home run.  But I'm happy to settle for a three run blast.


Hot Dish: Lay it out for me: Iowa's record in 2011 will be...and why.

Tom: 7-5. Same as last year. The difference? 2010 saw Iowa put up that talley while playing all 3 11-1 co-champions. This year's squad gets a much easier schedule. If they do better, it'll be because the offensive line developed into the force that Hawkeyes are hoping that they can be.


Dessert: James Vandenberg. James Van Der Beek. Moxon. Vandenberg's famously hot mom. The scene in Varsity Blues with Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" and the gentleman's club. I'm sorry, what were we talking about? Oh yes. You can choose one of the following three women - Who do you pick? Why?

- Ali Larter during the "Whip Cream" scene

- James Vandenberg's mom

- The teacher from Varsity Blues

Jeremy: The single greatest scene in "Varsity Blues" is when Billy Bob, all hot and bothered from seeing Miss Davis at the (ahem) gentleman's club, see's her in school, stares at her (ahem) "assets" and then quickly stumbles through the question: "Miss Davis, will you go to the prom with me?" Young Billy Bob ("I love that dog." "It's a pig." "Yep!") had fallen in love with the busty Miss Davis, and for this reason, and this reason alone, I pick Miss Davis.


Hard to think football thoughts with Ali Larter strolling around...

Jon: It's a dessert for crying out loud, so how could I not go for the whipped cream?  (Spoiler alert: they actually had to use shaving cream in the movie because whipped cream wouldn't stay in place.)  Ali Larter is the easy choice here.  My love for blonds on the big screen goes all the way back to Kim Novak, and Ali -- or should I say Darcy -- played the cliche fantasy cheerleader role to perfection.


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