Being Bold, Or Why Jim Delany > Larry Scott in 2011

This post is of course sponsored by Nestea BOLD. And if there are any purists out there who don't like sponsored posts, let me say this: SBN and blogging in general has come a long way from those "30 hits a week" Blogspot days. Let's just enjoy the OTE community and the fact that large companies want to give money to SBN to keep our wonderful site rolling along.


A quote for your Sunday night, Monday morning. And for those who don't know or care, Larry Scott is the idiot savant bound to make you care about every other football program in the Pac-12 not named Oregon and USC.

Since taking over a conference that was stuck in neutral in July 2009, (Larry) Scott has orchestrated the largest TV deal in college history, restructured the league and its tournaments, saved sports from being slashed, pulled rival programs together to share revenue and put the nation on notice: The Pac-12 is not just a BCS conference, it's reshaping college athletics.

How eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenteresting. So let's do a quick comparison.

What Has Jim Delany Done?

  • Pulled Nebraska. /drops mic, walks away
  • Fought for the incredibly successful Big Ten Network. Which is currently raking in cash money, Juvenile in 1998-style. Which currently allows Big Ten schools to push so much more than football to its huge audience. Which lets me watch Nebraska-Purdue, Minnesota-Indiana, and every other C-level Big Ten game that hardcore fans are so thankful for.
  • Has put the term "Consider Them Rolled" into our vocab. And you better believe OTE is going to turn that into a meme. And wear it out.
  • Turned the Big Ten into an absolute monster. Well it already was a monster. A bigger monster.

What Has Larry Scott Done?

  • Pulled Colorado and Utah.
  • Pulled Texas! Wait..."nearly raided the Big 12 to form a 16-team super-conference last year until Texas decided to stay, which was enough to convince Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M not to move." Oh. But dude, he nearly pulled Texas! That's like wryly walking up to the hottest girl in school, asking her out, getting denied, and then walking back to your boys like "aw yeah, she's probably just playing hard to get." Right. Congratulations, you'll be tweaking it alone tonight guy.
  • Changed the Pac-12 logo.
  • Talked about a possible Pac-12 Network that might skip television subscribing and go straight to being streamed by Google. Still working on finding the best network idea for 2012.
  • Other stuff. Made Pac-12 schools care again...I used to hate Washington State football but you made me love again Larry Scott.

So who is more bold, Jim Delany or Larry Scott?

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