Breaking Down The Week 1 Depth Chart - Ohio State

First posted at Inside The Shoe

Akron is just days away from invading the Horseshoe on Saturday at Noon, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Along with that bit of news, comes the release of the depth chart for the game, making it all the more clear that I'm not dreaming, and yes, I can stop pinching myself. With that, let's break down what we know from looking at the depth chart.

1. Joe Bauserman OR Braxton Miller

Thoughts: This was much expected as we predicted throughout the off-season that Fickell is going to give the redshirt senior his first real career start. If Braxton Miller outplays him in the first two games, then I expect Miller to take over soon after.

Running Back
1. Jordan Hall
2. Carlos Hyde OR Rod Smith

Thoughts: My first initial reaction to this was no. How could Jaamal Berry not be starting after all the good things we had seen and heard from camp. Then I came back to reality and remembered that Berry had suffered a hamstring injury that had kept him from participating in many Ohio State practices and key drills that show the coaches who's the best from the rest. Without that shot to prove, Berry moved down the depth chart, and my guess is that this hamstring injury is more than OSU is willing to let on, which isn't good news at all.

Other Notables
- Verlon Reed and Philly Brown are your starting receivers, backed up by Chris Fields and true frosh Evan Spencer. Note, TY Williams is not in the two-deep.

- As expected, your starting offensive line, left to right is: Norwell, Mewhort, Brewster, Hall, and Shugarts.

- Storm Klein (finally) is your starting MIKE, while Etienne Sabino gets the nod at SAM. It does appear that Klein will be the one coming off the field when Tyler Moeller is featured at STAR though. Ryan Shazier (WILL), Tony Jackson (MIKE), and Chris Maxwell (SAM) are your back-ups.

- Bradley Roby has won the battle to start opposite Travis Howard at corner. Backing them up are Dom Clarke and true frosh Doran Grant, meaning Dionte Allen is the fifth corner.

- Jaamal Berry is again absent from the kick/punt return squad, which is simply baffling as he was one of our best returners last year, and the duo of Hall/Berry was deadly to anyone kicking off to the Buckeyes. 

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