The Obligatory Predictions Competition - Week 4


Woah Nelly is right, boy did I miss a lot of picks last week. This week is sure to be easier. What's that, you want to win prizes? Well you can win 'em by getting into the weekly or season long OPC Competition by logging into Yahoo! and getting your picks in. Onto this week's train wrecks - Do you have the guts to pick the upsets? Do ya?

1. SDSU @ MICHIGAN, 12:00 p.m. EST (9/24)



It's going to be close. Everyone knows it's going to be close. Michigan is primed for a let down game, primed for an opponent to score early and score again, putting the Appalachian State fear into the crowd.


I can't believe we're even picking this game.  Brady Hoke knows the Aztecs inside and out.  UM gets the win.

2. FSU @ CLEMSON, 3:30 p.m. EST (9/24)

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EJ Manuel is questionable. I don't want a newbie QB on the road.

JON predicts FSU

I know, I know.  There's a serious risk here that the Seminoles come out flat, but I actually think their performance last week against Oklahoma strengthened, not weakened their resolve.  FSU in a close one.


3. COLORADO @ OHIO STATE, 3:30 p.m. EST (9/24) 



Unlike Ohio State, Colorado can pass the ball. Sure, they don't have a defense and the Bucks are at home...but no one fears OSU right now. I'm picking the upset...Could this be the Ohio State version of 2008 Michigan?


If all you saw from Ohio State's tepid showing at The Orange Bowl was the statline, you might be tempted to pick this upset.  After all, the Buckeye offense showed absolutely zero ability to move the football through the air, Miami gashed the vaunted Silver Bullets for big yardage on the ground, and the Buffs just happen to have a talented running back (from Columbus, no less) capable of carrying the load.  Here's why it won't happen.  Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of last week's debacle was that the Buckeye defense actually played decent.  After giving up two early touchdowns, they settled in and allowed just 3 points for two and a half quarters of play.  They also forced two turnovers.  Colorado doesn't have near the skill position athletes that Miami does.  I think the Buckeyes keep the Buffs under 20, and Jordan Hall and Braxton Miller ignite an otherwise impotent offense.

4. OKLAHOMA STATE  @ TAMU 3:30 p.m. EST (9/24)

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GRAHAM predicts TAMU

Every year, the Cowboys should be a Top 10 (even Top Five?) team. Favorable schedule, big-time offensive weapons, nice home crowd. Every year they end disappointing. Don't be seduced by the passing game, TAMU at home is monstrous.


This one is a toss up, which usually means you take the home team.  The problem is the visitors have Weeden and Blackmon, the most dynamic pitch and catch tandem in college football.  The Cowboys win a shootout.

7:00 p.m. EST (9/24)



Oh my, I wanted this upset bad. But then I saw Gray run the ball against Miami...and I realized his scrambling is the offensive security blanket they've never had.


The Gophers already suffered their annual loss to an underling, and Jerry Kill's system will only continue to gel.  Call me a homer, but the Miami team they barely beat last week is going to make some noise in the MAC and I still have good feelings about the way Minny played the second half of their season opener.  I think this is the week they take out some frustration a la Purdue.
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