Power Poll - Mob Movie Killings Edition

Where Joe Pesci and MSU feel the pain...

(1) Michigan - Car bomb kills Appolonia (Godfather 1)

Killed the wife, compromised security...but didn't get your man. So close. So damn close. One thought I had here - Why didn't the security guard who planted the bomb, who, you know, walked around with a gun, just shoot Pacino?

(2) Ohio State - Attempted assassination of Don Corleone(Godfather 1)

If you try to take down the king, do it right. Purdue.

(3) Penn State - Michael Corleone guns down the cop and the Turk (Godfather 1)

What was more brazen, Corleone killing the police chief in public view or Penn State smashing Iowa horribly in prime time, laying bare all the weaknesses of the Hawkeyes?

(4) Wisconsin - Sonny shot down on the Causeway (Godfather 1)

Pretty much the most unfair killing ever. 10 foot soldiers, 10 tommy guns, 1 unarmed Sonny Corleone. This was not a fair matchup. Sort of like Wisconsin v. everyone's run defense right now.

(5) Nebraska - De Niro knifes his father's killer, Don Ciccio (Godfather 2)

Ah, sweet revenge for the Godfather. Sweet, long awaited revenge.

(6) Northwestern - Joe Pesci killed in the parlor before being a made man (Goodfellas)

You received a first place vote a few weeks ago. You were 5-0. You were so close to being a B1G favorite oh now you're kind of dead. By the way, De Niro's phone booth scene when he learns Pesci is dead and then cries while destroying the phone is some of the best damn acting you'll ever see. Probably my second favorite acting moment, next to Pacino's quiet rage build up in Godfather 2 and then the YOU WON'T TAKE MY CHILDREN I WON'T LET YOU when Kay tells him it was an abortion, just like their marriage.


(7) Michigan State - Fredo killed in the boat by Al Neri (Godfather 2)

Gunning down your brother in pretty much the most heartbreaking manner possible. Yup.

(8) Iowa - Carlo gets garroted on the way to Las Vegas (Godfather 1)

One of the worst losses in the Ferentz era deserves one of the worst killings the Godfather 1 has to offer. Seriously - garroting your sister's husband on the street you live in is pretty terrible.

(9) Purdue - Al Pacino gunned down in his home (Scarface)

Things were looking up, Tony, what with all your coke and money and Michele Pfeiffer (legitimately the most attractive woman the 1980's in all its androgynous glory had to offer). And then you got a bit excited and pissed it all away. And got blown away from close range with a huge shotgun.


(10) Minnesota - Mo Green takes a bullet to the eye (Godfather 1)

A very clean killing, straightforward. You don't want to sell your casinos? G'bye.

Minnesota's season arc is pretty straightforward too. Solid non-conf, but can't hang with the B1G boys.

(11) Indiana - Paulie shot and left in a car ("leave the gun, take the cannoli" scene) (Godfather 1)

You were a nobody. You got shot and left dead on a back road. The cannoli was more valuable than you.

(12) Illinois - Joe Pesci is beaten almost to death and buried alive with his dead brother in the Vegas Desert. (Casino)

Disgusting and painful. Like watching Illinois football.

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