Program Consistency: Bowl Eligibility Streaks

A lot of fans talk about "win consistently" and establish a "program", two terms of uncertain definition. To me (and I think most fans of non-King programs), winning consistently means avoiding the queso bowl. After Northwestern got that 6th win (for the 6th consecutive season), I started wondering what other programs have streaks that long. Turns out, not that many.

Last sub-6 win season:

Florida 1979
Virginia Tech 1992
Southern Miss 2012 (1993)
Georgia 1996
Georgia Tech 1996
Boise State 1997
Oklahoma 1998
Clemson 1998
LSU 1999
Iowa 2000
Wisconsin 2001
West Virginia 2001
Utah 2002
South Carolina 2003
Missouri 2004
Oregon 2004
Brigham Young 2004
Nevada 2004
TCU 2004
Oklahoma State 2005
Southern Cal 2005
Hawaii 2005
Northwestern 2006
Michigan State 2006

(Note: These are official NCAA records. If you want to be picky, it's "Last sub 6 win season or cheated")

A good number of these have not yet secured a 6th win.

Streak Ended:

Southern Miss: They finished last year 12-2, ranked #20. The haven't won a game this year (0-8). I know they lost their coach, but Illinois thinks that's a long fall.

At-risk (in roughly the order from most at risk to safest):

Hawaii: 1-6, will likely be underdog in all but one remaining game

Utah: 3-5, face Washington and Arizona

Iowa: 4-4, face Michigan and Nebraska (and an underdog to Indiana?! The team that just won its first conference game in 3 years??? I'll give a Delany dollar to anyone who figures out the last time Indiana was a favorite in a B1G game, not against Purdue or Illinois)

Georgia Tech: 3-5, face Georgia

Missouri: 4-4, face Florida and Texas A&M

TCU: 5-3, face WVU, Kansas State, Texas, and Oklahoma

Michigan State: 5-4, face Nebraska and Northwestern

Oklahoma State: 5-2, face Kansas State, Oklahoma, WVU, and Texas Tech

Virginia Tech: 4-4, face Miami and Florida State. I don't actually think they won't make it to six wins (other games are against Virginia and Boston College), but their last sub ten win season was 2003, and their last sub 8 win season was 1997. Those marks are probably both gone.

Here is the rest of the B1G.

Nebraska 2007
Michigan 2009
Illinois 2009
Ohio State 2010
Purdue 2010
Penn State 2011
Indiana 2011
Minnesota 2011

(To the Editors: The comments section on Chrome has been all sorts of bad since the switch, even worse than a couple of other SBN sites).

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