Thursday Tourney Talk in the B1G: Six Definitely Dancing, One Bubbling Hard

BLOOMINGTON, IN - FEBRUARY 28: Will Sheehey #10 and Cody Zeller #40 of the Indiana Hoosiers defend the shot of Branden Dawson #22 of the Michigan State Spartans during the Big Ten Conference game at Assembly hall on February 28, 2012 in Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Last week, I wrote that the B1G wasn't the best basketball conference in America. My main point? Sure, we have strong defenses, but the B1G isn't filled with dangerous teams that came make runs. I cited the uninspired play of Wisconsin, Purdue, and Indiana...

...Who all promptly went out and got huge wins over the three teams ahead of them, clinching even nicer spots for themselves in the NCAA Tourney. And then I read that ESPN's Power Rankings have the B1G as the top conference. I'll take it. So what else do we know?

Six In

Michigan State (Probable 1/2 seed)

Ohio State (Probable 2 seed)

Michigan (Probable 3 seed)

Indiana (Probable 4 seed)

Wisconsin (Probable 4/5 seed)

Purdue (Probable 8 seed)


One Bubbling Hard

NW (Probable Play-In game for a 13 seed)


Five...In Need Of B1G Tourney Run






Last night's wildness almost ended with ChadnuDJ running madly into the streets of Chicago with nothing but a Wildcat flag on. Thankfully, the Bucks won and we were all spared. Northwestern is apparently still in the Tourney according to ESPN, but barely. Nice to see Purdue clinch the cost of possibly pushing Michigan down to an eventual 4 seed.

What Else Do We Know?

Draymond Green is going to be B1G POY and watching him against Indiana, doing anything to keep MSU in the game, destroying defenders on the perimeter and inside...He deserves this, no question.

Purdue as an 8 seed? Yes please. Picture Hummel hitting four 1st half threes as Purdue takes a halftime lead over 1 seed Kentucky in the second round of the NCAA Tourney. (That would be me, getting chills).

Picking my All-B1G team in basketball is a lot more fun than making it in football because the measurables are so much easier to, well, measure. Do I really have time to grade offensive linemen? Nah. My picks:

Draymond Green, MSU

Jared Sullinger, OSU

Cody Zeller, Indiana

Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin

Trey Burke, Michigan

Burke will get conveniently left off the first team this year because we reward individuals who have stuck around for a year or two. But he carried Michigan in clutch situations, situations where they almost always came out a winner...and a reminder - the PG is the most important position in College Basketball (maybe the pro's too). The rest look real good on that first team, unless you want to take Taylor off for his shooting struggles.

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