B1G Best Coaching Records

The title to this post may be confusing and a little misleading, but I wasn't really sure what else to call it. Really, all this post is about is current B1G coach's records compared to the school's all-time record. I got this idea from reading David Ubben's Big 12 Blog on, and you can read the original post here. But since most of you are here for the B1G, I will present to you the ranking for best coaches in accordance to win percentage.

Main idea: See each B1G coach's records against their school's all-time records and see who is ahead or behind the curve. The number in ( ) is the percentage more (+) or less (-) each coach's record is from their school's record. Jump time!

1. Bret Bielema, Wisconsin: (+.188)

Record: 60-19

All-time Wisconsin win pct: .571

Bielema is just a good coach. He seems to have a 10-win team every year, and it's almost impossible to beat Wisconsin in their own house. He has the best win pct of any B1G coach and it may be a while before anyone passes him.

2. Brady Hoke, Michigan: (+.112)

Record: 11-2

All-time Michigan win pct: .734

You can say, "He has only been there one year," all you want, but this is Michigan. They have the highest All-time win percentage in college football history. And for Brady Hoke to overachieve in his first year with a team that had a losing record under the last head coach? Impressive.

3. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern: (+.088)

Record: 40-36

All-time Northwestern win pct: .438

Northwestern loves Pat Fitzgerald and so do most teams. That's why they pay him a lot to coach for them. You won't see him coaching for any NFL team anytime soon, and that's largely due in part to him being one of the most successful coaches in Northwestern history.

4. Mark Dantonio, Michigan State: (+.075)

Record: 44-22

All-time Michigan State win pct: .592

He may have started off as a decent coach, but the past few years he has shown that he can add style points. Michigan State is now considered by some as an "Elite" B1G football team and Dantonio's record is well above the All-time mark at MSU.

5. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa: (+.061)

Record: 96-66

All-time Iowa win pct: .531

Ferentz is now the oldest, longest tenured, and winningest B1G coach. Had this been posted 2 years ago, he would have been even higher on the list. The last couple seasons have been disappointments and some say Ferentz is on the hot seat. Nevertheless, he is still well above the Hawkeye All-time average.

6. Bo Pelini, Nebraska: (+.006)

Record: 39-16

All-time Nebraska win pct: .703

Pelini has a mixed following, some loving him, some hating him. Either way you slice it, he wins a lot of games. Coaching for a historically great program is tough with such high standards, but so far he is almost exactly at the level Nebraska fans are used to (although all of them still dream of National Championships every year).

T-7. Urban Meyer, Ohio State: (+.000)

Record: 0-0

All-time Ohio State win pct: .713

He's the celebrity coach of the B1G and he hasn't even won a game yet. Only time will tell for coach Meyer, but the standard is set high and Ohio State is predicted to do well this year. It will be interesting to see how he handles it.

T-7. Bill O'Brien, Penn State: (+.000)

Record: 0-0

All-time Penn State win pct: .689

Another first year coach with a ton of pressure, but for completely different reasons. Penn State could be looking at an even worse season than last and with the Freeh report just being released, this could be a long, hair-greying year for the Nittany Lions. On a positive note, it's a fresh start and O'Brien is an outsider to the situation, so he may not be terribly distracted.

T-7. Tim Beckman, Illinois: (+.000)

Record: 0-0

All-time Illinois win pct: .519

Last first year coach. Right now it's a big question mark in Illinois. They seem to have the talent and Zook had spurts of brilliance (2007, first 6 games of 2011), but never could be consistent. If Beckman can be consistent, Illinois could be looking at a solid program for a while.

10. Danny Hope, Purdue: (-.102)

Record: 16-21

All-time Purdue win pct: .534

If you are looking for a hot-seat coach, you can find him in Danny Hope. Sure, the teams may be improving, but maybe too little, too late. He had his first winning season last year, but he may have to have another winning season this year to keep his job.

11. Jerry Kill, Minnesota: (-.312)

Record: 3-9

All-time Minnesota win pct: .562

Kill honestly had a decent season for going 3-9, and you can't expect a coach to win 5-6 games in his first season at a university that can barely win one conference game. Give him a few more years and he may be higher up the list.

12. Kevin Wilson, Indiana: (-.335)

Record: 1-11

All-time Indiana win pct: .418

It's hard to say much about this. He coaches for the worst team in the B1G and really doesn't have much to work with in the first place. What do are you supposed to say to a coach that has a win percentage of .083? I guess, good luck?

So, there you have it. In summary, the B1G is honestly going through a rough time. The coaches now are actually down (-.219) from the schools' average win percentage. Of course, if you take out the last two first year coaches, that number is obviously better, but as a whole the B1G had a down year last year and needs a good season from ALL coaches to improve the score. Your thoughts. Oh, and a poll, as usual:

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