Big Ten at Ten 8.10.12: OTE Writer's Poll*

Inspired by the Big Ten players' poll(s) administered by the ESPN B1G blog, I decided to send out some questions to our writers here at Off Tackle Empire.** Naturally, their responses are anonymous for fear of self-incrimination/people labeling them closet Michigan fans. Ready? Here we go.

Question No. 1: What kind of offensive scheme do you think Chris Beatty will bring in 2012?

Who the fuck is Chad Beatty? - 12 votes

Question No. 2: How many conference games do you think Indiana will win this season?

Depends, is Indiana State a conference game? - 6 votes
/calls into radio show, is complete fuckhead - 2 votes
Jerry DiNardo - 2 votes
Who? -2 votes
One - 0 votes

Question No. 3: Who will be Iowa's leading rusher at the end of the season?

A self-propelled lawnmower - 6 votes
Chris Wienke, punter - 4 votes
Rex Burkhead. Wait, I thought the question was "who will run all over Iowa at the end of the season" - 1 vote
This guy (seen below) - 1 vote

(via but really via BHGP)

Question No. 4: Will Michigan make the Rose Bowl?

Fuck Michigan - 9 votes
Is Brian Cook smug? - 2 votes
My name is Ted Glover and I'm secretly a Michigan fan. - 1 vote***

Question No. 5: Will Andrew Maxwell adequately fill the shoes of Kirk Cousins?

No - 6 votes
If by "adequately fill the shoes" do you mean "be terribly overrated"? If so, then yes. - 5 votes
Purdue will go 1-11 - 1 vote

Question No. 6: Will Minnesota get to keep the Floyd of Rosedale for another season?

Yes - 11 votes
Screw you guys - 1 vote

Question No. 7: Will Taylor Martinez complete 70% of his passes?


Zjwo4_medium - 12 votes

Question No. 8: Will Northwestern win a bowl game this season?

No - 10 votes
Against Iowa? - 1 vote
Fucksaw - 1 vote

Question No. 9: Will Ohio State "win" the Big Ten "East" this season?

/responds with inappropriate photoshop of masses of Ohio State fans juggling Urban Meyer's balls - 7 votes
Wait, isn't Braxton Miller their quarterback? LOL AWWWWW HEEEELL NAW - 4 votes
FACTS - 1 vote

Question No. 10: This question has been vacated.

Question No. 11: Who will end up starting at quarterback for Purdue?

Caleb TerBush - 4 votes
Robert Marve - 4 votes
Rob Henry - 4 votes

Question No. 12: Are Wisconsin's alternate uniforms ugly as all fuckass?


Finally, it's link time. First up, team links:

Conference Links:

* - This was totally fictional and zero OTE writers were polled. I made it all up.

** - Again, this didn't happen.


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