Big Ten at Ten 8.13.12: Weekend Practice(s) Roundup(s)


I'm short on time this Monday so I'll simply copy and paste some highlights from the camp(s)/scrimmage(s) that took place over the weekend. We'll start with Kevin Wilson, who says all of Indiana's quarterbacks are improving:

All three guys did well. Nate Sudfeld, who sometimes as a young guy struggles, had a great two-minute drive, took his team for a touchdown, in (1 minute, 55 seconds) got a score at the end of the scrimmage. Nice scramble play, a couple of nice plays just being creative. Tre, for the athlete, is really throwing it better. It’s great to see. He’s embraced the ‘I need to be a good quarterback.’ … Right now all three quarterbacks are better than any three who played last year today.

Marc Morehouse of the CR Gazette listed the good, the bad and the no-shows at Iowa's scrimmage. Big shocker here...Iowa didn't have many RBs:

Freshmen Greg Garmon and Barkley Hill not only didn’t participate, they weren’t there. Same for junior Brad Rogers.

"We have guys with bumps and bruises," head coach Kirk Ferentz said. "They were doing some good things, and it’s nothing serious. They have a chance to be ready Monday. All the guys have a chance to be back Monday. It’s frustrating because you can’t really evaluate anything."

Morehouse also had some general impressions and statistics from the scrimmage.

Mark Dantonio was pleased the most by Michigan State's defense:

"The defensive forced a couple of turnovers and won pretty handily," Dantonio said. " ... Our defensive front is strong. We have several redshirt freshman on that second team that look pretty good. I also was impressed with the way our linebackers ran (to the football)."

At Wisconsin's media day, Montee Ball was asked whether he thinks he's more susceptible to concussions following his attack. His response:

"Not at all," he said. "I don’t think I am concussion prone. I believe being attacked by five people, 100% of this population is going to walk out with a concussion or maybe worse."

Ball also made his first public remarks since his assault. Here's a few notes from Bielema at Wisconsin's media day. Links after the jump.

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