Big Ten at Ten 1.15.13: Polls are Here

I'M AWFUL!!!!! - David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten at Ten takes a look at the newest basketball polls.

The AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches polls were released yesterday, crowning Rick Pitino's Louisville squad as the new #1 team in America. Indiana, whose only lost came against Butler in mid-December, checks it an number two. Here's the remaining Big Ten teams in the polls:

(AP, #5. Coaches, #5): Michigan

Odd, Michigan's only loss came against Ohio State, AT Ohio State, a team that is ranked higher than Butler. Based on that logic, Michigan should probably be ranked higher than Indiana. Next up: Minnesota.

(AP, #9, Coaches, #12): Minnesota

Did you know the Golden Gophers were the 9th ranked team in the nation? Me neither. Then again, that's what happens when you beat Memphis, Michigan State and Illinois. Their only two losses came against Duke and Indiana. Next up: Michigan.

(AP, #11, Coaches, #11): Ohio State

Ohio State's only losses came against top 15 teams in Duke, Kansas and Illinois. On the other hand, their only real win came against #2 Micigan. The rest of their schedule hasn't exactly been against world beaters. Next up: Michigan State.

(AP, #18, Coaches, #17): Michigan State

Michigan State has played the role of the survivor their previous two games, nearly losing to Iowa and Nebrasketball. Now, they'll get a breather with Penn State before setting up a huge contest against Ohio State on January 19th. Next up: Penn State.

(AP, #23, Coaches, #22): Illinois

The Fighting Illini have stumbled as of late, going 2-4 in their past 6 contests. Even more notable is that their last three games haven't even been close. They blew out #8 Ohio State, 74-55 but then got blown out by #8 Minnesota 84-67 and WISCONSIN?!?!?! 74-51. Playing on the road in the Big Ten is brutal, eh? Next up: Northwestern.

(AP, 25 votes, Coaches, 23 votes): Wisconsin

The Badgers are on a six game winning streak with their latest victory coming against #12 Illinois. Now we'll see how good they really are as they travel to Bloomington and Iowa City. Next up: Indiana.

On to the links.

Team Links:

Conference Links:

Finally, Martin Luther King Jr. would've turned 84 today. Here's a letter from the FBI telling him to kill himself!

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