An outsider's take.

Hello folks of the Big Ten. Here is a Nebraska fan, and boy, I bet you guys will never guess what I want to rant discuss in a rational manner about! Stop trying to guess, is about Bo Pelini! Yeah, you may have heard about him, he is the embattled Nebraska coach. The guy that some think is too good to fire and others think is just not great enough to keep around. Now folks of the Big Ten, I am going to take a wild guess here. I bet that when you heard that Nebraska was joining the Big Ten you thought something like "oh good, those guys from Nebraska, boy, nicest fans in the world. They aren't going to be complete jerks. Love it, they bring a great football tradition and very little drama" Well guess what? Sucker! Got you good didn't we! Sorry, we are pretty self-centered like any good blue blood program would be (Wisconsin one day you will get there, just kidding, it will never happen for you guys).

Anyways, what is this half coherent rambling about? Simple, our head coach (know this, for all the love the women's volleyball, softball, bowling and basketball teams get, the baseball team, and now the basketball team gets, is all just filler for the time the football season ends and begins. So, when you say the head coach in Nebraska it goes without saying you are talking about the football coach) in some minds' is on the hot seat. In others he is not. So let me ask you, what do you think. Do you think Bo Pelini should keep his job or not?

Here are the Pros.

  • He wins 9 and 10 games every season he has been in Lincoln.
  • Players are for the most part staying out of trouble. They are graduating and have high GPAs.
  • He does some very nice thing for the community, like the Jack Hoffman touchdown run.
  • The defense has improved over the last few games.
  • The team has shown resiliency on several occasions.
  • There has been a ton of injuries, especially on the Oline which include an All American Guard. Plus the starting QB.
  • He has played for 3 conference titles in six seasons.

And these are the Cons

  • He wins 9 and 10 games largely built by beating fluff.
  • He gets his ass spanked at least twice a season by ranked teams.
  • In six years he has yet to win a conference title. He won't get the team to a BCS bowl game. Into November the team has yet to even make a squeak in the conversation for the National Title since he took over.
  • He himself said he came to Lincoln to win National Titles, the count is 0.
  • While last year he did get a good recruiting class, this season we are in the top 40's ranking wise.
  • He is known to many as the guy that screams at the players and the fans and gets his ass handed to him.
  • He has loss three conference title games.
  • He is not putting as many Huskers in the NFL as his first few years, which were players Bill Callahan recruited.

Okay, so I think that is about right, so what do you think? Is this a guy that should get his walking papers, or a guy that deserves more time? Husker fans are going at it, and its really lovely to see. Anyways, that's all I got.

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