B1G 2013 // Literally Everything I Know About Indiana Football

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Hoeppner, classy striped helmets, and the possibility of offensive fireworks.

Terry Hoeppner. Terry Hoeppner. As my boy Terna would say, Terry was a father figure at Miami (OH) for many, many football players. Terry inspired so many, not only at Miami, but at Indiana too. No one begrudged him for leaving Oxford to Bloomington because it was a dream job and he had put Miami in such a good place. Here's from a CQ thread, thanks Surfboard 87 -

Hard to even imagine IU as an elite football school

...but if anyone could've gotten us there it would've been Hep. The man's enthusiasm was infectious. He had IU on the right track as far as facilities, recruiting, and attitude. IIRC Hep's last season had markedly improved ticket sales.

I seriously think they're a MAC-level school talent wise. Because they are a MAC-level school talent wise. The only way the defense gets better is if 1) the talent level is raised and 2) some kind of consistent scheme is in place, something that the coaches and players can learn and tweak for improvement.

Much thanks to everyone for explaining the whole "tailgate, but actually not attending the game" thing. Circumstantial oddities, I guess.

Bloomington is lovely. Had a tennis tournament during college there. Great town.

I love the Indiana football jerseys. Red and white, really can't go wrong, the U-Houston H-ish thing is a good contrast to the all red helmets. While we're at it, I like the striped helmets too.

Although we're accused here of not watching football, I admit that I am a sucker for watching Indiana football games during the season. I watch as an interested spectator, always hoping they knock off a better team or show some life. A bowl game would be a strong, strong statement to show the program is rising from the depths.

People I remember who have played at Indiana since OTE started:

Greg Middleton: Had a ton of sacks one year. Good size.

James Hardy: And it looks like Indiana has a couple more receivers trying to be the next Hardy.

Kellen Lewis: Had that one year of scrambling rambling success. Really high passer rating, then flamed out amidst suspensions and drugs, right?

Thigpen: He was fast.

Replogle: Because it reminded me of The Silver Chair, one of the less famous, but tremendously readable C.S. Lewis' Narnia books. Puddlegum gets hammered on wine and tries to say "respect" but can't pronounce it in his inebriated state, so he says something like "Replogle."

Kevin Wilson. Playing with house money after last season. I loved that he made an offensive philosophy switch after Roberson went down, says a lot about his flexibility and ingenuity as a coach.

And let's discuss some of Wilson's favorite plays. I like this one where the QB lobs a deep sideline ball to the athletic receiver, because hey, Indiana football, mine as well go all playground up there and make it fun for the folks. And then does it again.

If Illinois continues its level of play, will Illinois become the new Indiana?

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