Maryland Week Recap - YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD

Not to pick on anyone (otherwise I would have included the links and tag names), just to get past the denial stage, here’s some Testudo Times excerpts:

"Can anyone with better blogging skills than mine.... insert the pic of the Dalai Lama in a MD cap in response to those passive aggressive midwesterners bringing up God’s country on the OTE hate thread?"

If you view yourself as separate from the rest of the conference, then abandon complaints you aren’t welcomed.

If you have to recruit help to post a response, YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"PS this might take like 30min lol It takes forever for comments to load at work"

If you spend more than 5 minutes posting a stock photo, YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"Speaking of team work I lobbed up the ole, "most recent B1G championship in basketball" question and was left hanging. MSU thinks its them, come on guys"

A response in an open forum is an option of others, not an entitlement.

If you describe your actions attempting to offend others as "Teamwork" then you are group trolling and can be expected to be treated as such – just remember you can be group trolled as well and your site trashed at any time.

If a passing comment on a 1,000+ comment thread is an accomplishment, you’re too invested because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"And through the night.... Trying to explain the logic of discounted cash flows…they don’t get simple finance."

If you look at the clock after spending all night posting responses to 1 liners and see it is 6:30 AM, you just got played by someone in a different time zone watching a DVR because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"_____, I'm no good at attacking on an Internet message board. I need help on OTE."

If you recruit help to respond to comments, YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you view a barb in an open forum as an attack, you’re too invested because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you attempt group trolling, YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"Neither am I - I hate when it gets personal but when defending MD’s honor, maybe I go overboard. I was thinking of listing some real reasons to hate MD – % of students from NY/NJ; location in PG County, Bias tragedy, being PSU’s whipping boys for decades, former slave state torn about which side to fight for in the civil war, post game riots with burning couches, etc. Remember, I am of the ilk that is ELATED to join the B1G. ________ and the hater of honeycrisp apples (_______) have been going on and on about how Maryland ruins everything for them, how we don’t belong, etc. But the best insult we have dished out was towards an Indiana grad which was simply "2002….(drops mike)." I have to get work done today. Since the writer is from Ohio and roots for Cleveland, there is plenty of material there to work with."

If insulting Indiana is an accomplishment of note… well… you’re pathetic, but…

If you take comments in an open forum personally you are too invested because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you are bitching and listing commenters by name, you’re butt-hurt because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"Leaving, someone is talking about leaving???? Well F.T.S., this site just got a whole lot more interesting imho. Have been thoroughly enjoying needling our B1G brethren, and it has been a lot of team work. MVP – my man _____ who went toe to toe with that ingrate ______ through all hours of the night. I like that we are relatively civil, and the exchanges that ______ points out – I kind of skim over, not through per se…"

If it takes a group effort, YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you feel you have to needle for attention YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you’re needling 1 moment, complaining it is too personal the next (the previous 2 comments were the same person) YOU’RE REAPING WHAT YOU SOW.

"I think this (blog) is trolling in compensation for our OTE welcome week"

If you’re letting butt hurt flow over from 1 site comments in another, YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

"Your condescending attitude is tiresome, _____. But I will stick to _______ philosophy and only correct you when you are wrong and not when you are just being intentionally inflamatory (unless you violate site guidelines)."

Not related to this week, but… here’s a box of Kleenex… go find another room to squeeze one off in. It is extreme arrogance to expect others to care about your personal opinion of them.

If you think this will have any impact other than signaling you can be easily screwed with, your projecting your disposition on others because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD



That’s enough to get past the denial stage. I tried dropping warnings about the transition from a team to a conference site. The OTE staff kept trying to help with the frequent comment "You're trying too hard." The same terrapins who scoffed are quoted above.

Group trolling, hurt feelings, begging for help, ½ hour comments, equating a forum jab to a notable accomplishment, lost sleep, feeling attacked, retaliation, targeting other posters, carrying your hurt back to your main site came about because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

You’re not defending your team’s honor. You’re not just having fun. You’re not achieving any accomplishment. As the above shows you are getting the opposite result because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

It’s a conference site. Enjoy it in the context it is intended, or accept your fate as a soft target for anyone up to mischief. If a barb makes you laugh, you’re having fun. If it is a notable accomplishment then consider you’re not at your team site chasing trolls away, you are the troll and just became a guilt free target. If it insults you then you’ve lost perspective because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you have to agitate to get "Hate" then it is manufactured, artificial, and not to be confused with respect or a noteworthy accomplishment. If you find yourself down to declaring "You’re stupid" or similar you should probably move along before revealing you are butt hurt with nothing more to say. There is no insult that a veteran of a multi-team site will take personally – to attempt reveals YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you find yourself responding along the lines of "Uh... uh… uh… Sandusky" or something equally obvious then you should probably move on before revealing you are butt hurt and over your head with nothing else to say. Besides, anything this obvious has long since played out. If you find yourself doing this, it’s an indication YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

I recommend less effort. Either join, have fun, and keep perspective… or if you have problems separating an open forum from the real world then stay with the confines of your team’s site. To do otherwise, to make your self-worth dependent on an open forum, to make an open forum more passing entertainment is destined to fail because YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD.

If you’re Maryland, you aren’t going to get respect for your team – that has to be earned on the field. Reasoning out an argument you will be notably better is destined to fail because nobody is drinking MD Cook Aid. We just quit drinking the Illinois Cool Aid we got hooked on in 2007 - they could list most of the same reasons. We aren’t looking for a new flavor.

For the rest of OTE, lay off the "You don’t belong" – it isn’t worthy of becoming an OTE meme, (unless of course some MD or Rutgers idiot sticks out their chest about being special). The reality is if you weren’t already a member, most of you wouldn’t be above average to garner an invite to the B1G as the 14th team – that’s as valid a definition of "Not belonging" as you would cherry pick to apply to others. Most of you have flown off the handle at the simple concept that on average ½ are below average, 1 idiot to the point of threatening physical violence. It’s hypocritical to tell others they "Don’t belong" when in reality they proved thru evaluation they deserve an invite you wouldn’t receive. YOU’RE NOT TRYING.



Not directly related to this week, but…

"this explains why you constantly THINK you know what I said but have no clue. This must be what sex is like for you. You are so in love with yourself and are so busy stroking yourself that there is no room for anyone else in the activity."

If you find your comments are being skimmed over and chunks missed, become accustomed to it or LEARN BREVITY.

We aren’t looking for literature. Your phrasing isn’t all that special. Others will have you typing a thesis response to 1 line comments just to fuck with you, force a summary, or to get you to make self-contradictory comments. To avoid this, LEARN BREVITY.

Words do not have the ability to move a concept from an assertion to fact – the universe just doesn’t work that way. The merit of your comment is in its relation to reality, not its prose. If you require lengthy verbiage to express your point, then the validity of your claim lies more in the prose than the facts and its merit will be weighed as such. If your comments have merit, LEARN BREVITY.

If the validity your comment is so thin that it must be phrased a very specific way and applied in a limited context to hold true, then it isn’t true in a larger context, and it to be treated as such. 5 paragraphs of drivel will not broaden the limits more than a couple of lines.

If you bury your point in drivel, it doesn’t matter if your comment contains the meaning of life, the universe, and everything – it’s not going to get read and the extra effort was counter-productive. If you don’t want your comment overlooked, LEARN BREVITY.

I am really interested in seeing what you have written, but we are perusing several hundred comments a day for entertainment – we aren’t going to pause to read your dissertation that is long on prose and likely short on fact. If you don’t want your facts overlooked, LEARN BREVITY.

I can sympathize. I used to add too much drivel to my comments. Here’s a hint: Before hitting "Submit" read the comment – if a phrase isn’t part of your talking point, it is drivel and should be deleted.

This has a side benefit. Brevity becomes inherent and carries over to the rest of your interactions. Your thoughts will be better organized. Your talking points will be direct. Your boss and co-workers will be appreciative.

This isn’t limited to the turtles. Read thru the beginning again, don’t lie to yourself, and consider how many apply to you. Think back to all of the times you have blown into a rant recently. Change or expect it to continue – you get a choice, but you can’t have both.

Thanks for reading. Maryland is our ho.

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