Penn State University - NCAA and the B1G, it is time to lift the ban. Lets get this done.

Some very interesting news has developed in the Penn State story. Reports on both NBC Sports and CBS Sports have come out over the weekend stating that there may be a push for a lifting or a reduction of sanctions imposed on PSU by the NCAA and the B1G Conference. This is great news. I really believe that, what both the NCAA and the B1G did to PSU was completely unjustified and had no basis in either of the rules of the NCAA and the B1G. It was basically an ex post facto application of rules that do not exist, and not to my knowledge exist today. Both the NCAA and to even a greater extent the B1G showed an incredible over extension of their purpose and their sphere of responsibilities.

I would like to point out that the The Centre Daily Times was the first to report this information. This story seems to be on going and as of now "The NCAA has not received a proposal from Penn State", said a spokeswoman for the organization, Emily Potter, who declined to comment.

"O’Brien addressed the trustees for more than an hour Friday morning behind closed doors during the board’s executive session at the Penn State Fayette branch campus. The presentation’s slides were visible from a hallway through several full-length glass-paned doors into the room where the session was held.

The specifics about the proposal were not available, and officials, including O’Brien, declined to go into details about his visit, which was initiated by the board.

But, one of the presentation slides had the heading “potential proposal to modify sanctions” and another had a heading concerning the impact of the scholarship reductions that are part of the sanctions." {excerpts from Times article.}

My personal view has always been that the NCAA and the B1G are both athletic associations and have no business when it comes to what were matters for the criminal courts and now the civil courts. Many a troll has said to me in the past when I have said this "oh I hope that your child never has that done to them". My answer will always be, if that does happen my first call would be to the Police and my second call will be to the Prosecutor's Office. Not in a million years would I think to call a couple of athletic associations to handle these maters.

The person responsible is in jail. The families of the victims now have recourse in the civil courts, but in no way was this matter for the NCAA or the B1G. It is now time for the B1G conference and the B1G community to step up and lobby for the NCAA to do the right thing.

One more thing, I cannot wait till this is all done and over with and PSU becomes a good if not great program again. Mostly so I can feel good about hating them again.

Until then,


Sources for info in this article:

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