Friday Daytime - B1G Off-Topic - Fri, July 19th - 8 am ET

Friday Daytime - FanPost for the B1G Off-Topic Daytime Nonsense

July 19, 2013 - starting - 8 am EDT - [ 7 am CDT - 6 am MDT - 5 am PDT ] to { 500+ comments }

Remember this is a DAYTIME FanPost it is NOT the B1G Lounge - [SFW ONLY] - People have jobs!

VERY Important - dbl5030 or someone else who understands the FanPost processes will start a new post when this one gets to between 500 and 1000 posts - the purpose of these various posts is to keep the comments count down so the posts load faster and the Mobile users don't have to scroll down over and over to the bottom of the page.

My former "eSpn brethren" aprx 2500 comments in the first 29 hours. THAT IS AWESOME! This with very few cheese, parking facilities or pun comments. Lets keep this going. eSpn is losing Alexa ratings and OTE is gaining this should let other websites wanting to make Facebook only login switch something, IMO. May the BORG die a slow horrible death.

We are going with a different format today. dbl5030 is going to monitor this FanPost until it reaches between 500 and 1000 comments. At that time he will create a FanPost with a similar heading as this one, but with the new start time such as:

Friday Daytime - B1G Off-Topic - Fri, July 19th - 12 noon ET

{ if we get to 500+ by noon }

This is a place for the B1G community to go a bit off-topic. As a long time user of the ESPN's "dead to me" B1G Blog.

I and certain other users now refugees have gotten used to a pretty wide range of topics, such as:

Puns, Jokes, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Babes, Guns, Puppies, Bunnies, Strange Place Names, Funky Cheese, Beer, Parking Facilities and much, much more. Of course there is discussions of many non Football sports, with emphases on Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and of course Women's Volleyball. We even somehow always seem to connect it back to B1G football. So because the standard here on OTE is a little tighter with the being on topic. I though it might be good to have a place to conduct the B1G Lounge as it is called.

Just remember my former "eSpn brethren" the p0rn and politics standard is quite a bit stricter here. But lets have some off-topic fun. This is the DAYTIME - PEOPLE HAVE JOBS SO EXTRA CARE FOR ONLY SFW PICS and language.

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