The B1G-ACC Football.






No no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Now that I have your attention though why not pose the question of a hypothetical B1G-ACC Challenge or any of the other power conferences in football? Many of us here love the B1G-ACC challenge to start off the basketball season on an exciting note, and to potentially pummel a team from another conference into the hardwood floor in the name of the B1G. One discussion that some of us had on the ESPN B1G Blog was a possible notion of setting up such a scenario for football, and when you come to think of it such a scenario makes some sense. The B1G has made it clear that they are doing away with FCS opponents to strengthen the schedule in light of the impending move to the college playoff system; what better way to make a statement that you're increasing your strength of schedule than to take on an opponent of similar caliber from an opposing conference? Additionally with a nine conference game schedule on the horizon like the sun rising on Pride Rock, that leaves 3 non-conference games left open, one weekend devoted to a B1G-*Insert conference here* challenge would be a good way to both fill a slot, and again raise that strength of schedule needed to look all sparkly and polished. Plus what a great way to get fan excitement up by offering a marquee match-up every year. College football is so great because fan excitement for universities that represent Alma Maters or whole states. College football is so great because of the traditions that have taken deep roots into the sport. Imagine your school taking on a school from another power conference at night, under the lights, the tailgating for such an event.

Last factor, a huge driver in today's college football world, the media. The media for better or worse is a driver in the world of college football, one would only have to look at ESPN(Sucks) or BTN (Yay) to see the money that the media generates. A great way for the B1G to capture that would to once again be the vanguard and lead the way with a B1G-___ Challenge that is actually implemented. The B1G as some of us may know tried to set something similar up with the Pac-12 which sadly did not come to fruition(Thanks Pac-12!), but that's not to say that another option or even a renewal with the Pac-12 is out of the question.

I decided to pick the ACC because of the tradition that the two conferences have with the basketball challenge, I have included a poll to see what other conferences people would like to see the B1G take on in a challenge. I encourage people commenting to post their own possible scenarios and discuss hypothetical match-ups.

Now that the argument has been set, how would a potential B1G-ACC football Challenge look like?

Ohio State vs Florida State

Michigan vs Clemson

Nebraska vs Louisville

Penn State vs Miami

Wisconsin vs Virginia Tech

Michigan State vs. North Carolina State

Northwestern vs. Wake Forest

Iowa vs Syracuse

Rutgers vs. Pitt

Indiana vs. Virginia

Maryland vs Boston College.

Minnesota vs Georgia Tech

Illinois vs Duke

Purdue vs North Carolina

Feel free to post your own or vote.

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