Week 2 Preview

Well, going 10-2 in Week 1 really didn't tell us a lot about many B10 teams. So many of the opponents were so outclassed as to make the results virtually meaningless. Some teams were good, some were bad and a lot were just happy to win. I think the Week 2 schedule will be more telling.

Next up is UC, who just scored again on PU. After a lackluster performance against SIU, this doesn't look good for IL. Keeping this close would a good showing for IL.

Next up is Navy. That will tell us more about IN's defense, especially against the run.

Next up is MO State. They aren't very good, so IA should win fairly easily. Struggles in this game would not bode well for the Hawkeyes.

Next up is Notre Dame, coming off a solid win over Temple. This game will tell us a lot more about the Wolverines.

Michigan State:
Next up is USF, fresh off getting crushed by a I-AA. As bad as MSU's offense is, USF's whole team may be worse. Look for MSU to "explode" on offense for 30+ while giving up next to nothing.

Next up is playing at NMSU at night. Going west is always tough for the B10. Playing late makes it even tougher. Luckily, NMSU isn't very good. This will tell us about the mental state of the Gophers.

Next up is USM, who lost at home to TX State. It's a good chance for the blackshirts to work on their issues.

Next up is Syracuse, fresh off their loss to PSU. This is should be an easier game for NW and a chance to heal up.

Ohio State:
Next up is SDSU, who lost to EMU at home 40-19. Let's just call it another cupcake and look for OSU to work on cleaning up some mistakes from week 1.

Penn State:
Next up is EMU. This should be an easy win that let's PSU expand the playbook and get their backups some reps.

Next up is IN State. They have no D, but they can score. PU really needs to win this or the wheels will fall off the season. ISU's starting RB may be out, which would help PU.

Next up is TN Tech, a team about as weak as UMass. This is another cupcake that let's WI work on adjusting to their new staff.

It's not a stellar slate of games, but I think we'll learn a lot.

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