Let's Be Clear About the End of the UW-ASU Game

I'm seeing a lot of stupid and wrong things being written around the Internets about the end of this game. The game is what it is and sadly will not change. But let's at least have a clear record of what happened. Here's the video if you're interested.

Setup: Stave completes a 6-yard out to Abbrederis to the ASU 13 yard line. Abby steps out of bounds and stops the clock at 00:18. The ball is spotted on the right hash mark.

00:18 - Wisconsin snaps the ball, Stave runs to the middle of the field.

00:17 - Stave clearly takes a knee

See the knee:


See the clock:


Note that Stave taking the knee is largely obscured from the defense by left guard Ryan Groy.

00:16 Stave places the ball on the ground at the 15 yard line as he gets up off his knee.


00:15 The officials blow the whistle. Clearly audible in the video.

00:13 As an official walks in to set the ball, three ASU players jump on it.


00:10 Two of the ASU players get up, the third remains on top of the ball while the official gently, casually taps him on the back. Stave protests to the other official.


00:05 Eight seconds later, the remaining ASU player gets to his feet.


00:04 Official places the ball.


00:03 Official holds up a hand to the center indicating that Wisconsin cannot snap the ball.


00:01 Official puts his arm down and starts to back away. (You can see the ref behind the ASU D-line.)


00:00 Time expires with Wisconsin still trying to snap the ball.

To recap: Wisconsin downed the ball with 17 seconds remaining, the refs blew the play dead at 15 seconds, after the play was blown dead several ASU players jump on the ball and sit on it for eight seconds. There can be no question that this is a delay of game on the defense. The refs do not place the ball on the ground until 11 seconds after it was blown dead and don't put the ball in play until 14 seconds after. After that the officials huddled very briefly in the middle of the field and then, without any explanation or speaking with anyone else, ran off the field. That was one of the most bizarre and unprofessional things I've ever seen...

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