For the love of Woody, let's talk about some football: B1G Talking Points 2/25

Irrelevant ravings of a football-starved madman before we get to some talking points.

I'm feeling it, guys.

No football of any sort in weeks. Haven't truly cared about a game since the Orange Bowl, nearly two months ago, but at least the football continued for a few weeks after that. But now... now it's getting dark.

Maybe part of it's my own fault. I've never gotten into recruiting--maybe because it makes me feel creepy, or maybe because that's one of the luxuries afforded to fans of schools at the top of college football, that we can just trust that we'll reload without freaking out about every 3- or 4- or 5-star guy we've offered or who's scheduled a visit or whose uncle's friend's coworker heard the kid really liked his meal from the Arby's outside East Lansing and HOLY BUCKEYE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR HIS VERBAL TO OSU.

And although I care more about the NFL draft than NCAA recruiting, I still don't get into it that much. Pre-draft speculation does nothing for me; Kiper and McShay are always wrong, their perfect, too-logical draft scenarios always marred by impossible-to-predict trades and whatever dipshit moves Al Davis or the Cleveland Browns are pulling. Draft day is exciting in its potential, and then the Browns make their first pick (or trade down three consecutive times... hello, Eric Mangini) and I am reminded they can't have nice things, and the excitement fades.

But regardless of whether or not this withdrawal is self-induced, I'm jonesing, guys. I need football content, preferably NCAA football content, and if I could even get a little greedy, I would ask for B1G football content.

That's why I turn to OTE, but much to my dismay, it appears to be college basketball season... or at least, that's what I'm gathering from ALL THE FREAKING BASKETBALL CONTENT SHOWING UP HERE. Look, I enjoy college basketball, but we all need to remember that we* are all here for the football first, basketball second, and those priorities seem to have gotten out of order recently. So in an attempt to satisfy some cravings for B1G football talk, and to re-establish priorities around here, here are some talking points**...

*Excluding Purdue and Illinois.

**I apologize for the source of these links. I told you guys, I was jonesing HARD.

Talking Points That I Haven't Really Seen Discussed Yet But To Be Honest I Haven't Been Reading Any Of The Basketball Articles So Sorry If These Got Covered Already

  • The Rutgers athletic department got spotted $47 million from the university to get back to even prior to entering the Big Ten. In other news, Rutgers' Athletic Department has been awarded the Maryland Athletic Department Fiscal Management Award.
  • The Four-Letter B1G blog began their Maryland and Rutgers coverage a few weeks ago. Maryland fans apparently aren't excited to travel to the Midwest to watch B1G football in the cold, and the only must-see attractions Maryland has are the Testudo statue and their basketball arena. Cool story, Laxbros.
  • Meanwhile, Rutgers fans seem to be realistic, if not annoyingly/adorably optimistic for the future.
  • The B1G might be considering allowing night games into the first weekend of November (!!!).
  • NCAA attendance figures were released. Rittenberg does some analysis, or you can check out the numbers straight from the NCAA here. Purdue had an... INCREASE in attendance?
  • I believe LincolnParkWildcat was the one who posted this in one of the comment sections, but for those who missed it, the B1G just opened a new HQ for world domination that's pretty slick.
  • Ralph Friedgen, aka the guy Maryland fired for having the balls to be their first coach to lift them out of football obscurity in 50 years, is now the OC at Rutgers. DRAMA!
  • Tom Bradley hired by West Virginia in an unspecified defensive role to make them not suck. All the best to him and West Virginia football. Is it just me, or have they become very significantly less visible/memorable since they left the Big East? Of course not winning much has had something to do with that, but I'm starting to forget about them on my mental map of eastern FBS teams. Screwed the pooch on that one, didn't you, WVU?
  • Finally, just because this is one of my favorite pictures of all time: 12039149213_1b88f9fd07_o_medium


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