OffSeason ATS: Prop Bets Edition

For Entertainment Only

Silly season in the college football handicapper's world is upon us, as we are now afforded the opportunity to throw a few bucks around (not talking about you MSU, it isn't always about you) on our favorite team/player to win the conference/natty/Heisman. Unfortunately, even with extensive scouring of the depths of the internet, I could find a prop to lay any moolah on Mike Sadler to win The Ray Guy Award.

Here are the most notable prop bets involving B1G teams and players heading into the 2014 season:

Odds to Win the 2014 Natty:

Ohio State 10-1

Michigan St 25-1

Wisconsin 30-1

Michigan 65-1

Nebraska 80-1

lolowa 110-1

Tarpwestern 300-1

Field 75-1 (this would give you not only the B1G also-rans, but all also-rans everywhere else, basically #TeamAlsoRan)

My Take: I like to look for value here, so I may (will) put $20 each on MSU and Wisky here, the value if either would pull of the dream season is just too high not to have a little cash on the long shots. Not much value in OSU, and the rest just quite simply are dumb, "thanks for donating" bets.

Odds to Qualify for the Four Team Playoff Field:

Ohio State: Yes -105, No -135

Michigan St: Yes +225, No -350

My Take: I really wish there a bet available for Wisconsin here, as the odds would be really good. After LSU, their schedule sets up nicely to enter the B1G CCG at 11-1. Pull a minor upset and the Badgers would find themselves in the inaugural playoff. As is, there isn't enough value to lay any money on either MSU or OSU. I think one will make the field, but I can't decide which one, and a 1-1 or 2-1 payoff isn't enough to justify a wager here.

Odds to Win the 2014 Heisman:

Braxton Miller 6-1

Melvin Gordon 18-1

Connor Cook 28-1

Ameer Abdullah 33-1

Devin Gardner (too much of a @pussy@ to be listed)

My Take: the obvious value here is MG3, he shouldn't have to split carries as he did his first 2 seasons, and the dude is absolutely electric. A 2000 yard season is a distinct possibility. There isn't enough value to justify a bet on Brax IMO. I love Ameer, but our coaches like to give Imani Cross the goal line carries, so AA will be hard pressed to put up the gaudy TD numbers that are required to win a Heisman. Connor Cook will likely have a good season, but MSU's offenseive system won't allow him to put up the kind of stats required to hoist the trophy.

Look for the Season Over/Under Wins for each B1G team later this week, and please let us know your thoughts (and why I'm a moron) in the comments.

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