OffSeason ATS: B1G West Over/Under Win Totals


There has been a lot of talk about the imbalance between the divisions, so we'll just go ahead and start the Over/Under predictions with the better of the 2 divisions. The B1G West should be a 3 horse race, with Wisconsin being the favorite going into the preseason. Here's a brief run down of each team's total and my prediction:

Wisconsin 9.5

Wins: W Illinois, Bowling Green, USF, TW, Illinois, Maryland, Rutgers, Purdue, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota

Losses: LSU

Prediction: Over, pretty soft schedule once they get past the opener. Trips to TW and Iowa could be tricky, but the Badgers are the most complete team in the West, and it's not as if it's that hard to win in either Evanston or Iowa City as a visitor

Iowa 8.5

Wins: N Iowa, Ball St, Iowa State, Pitt, Indiana, Maryland, TW, Minnesota, Illinois, Purdue

Losses: Wisconsin

Tossups: Nebraska

Prediction: Over, this schedule would make Boise State embarrassed. If Ferentz doesn't win 10 games against this slate of pig shit, Iowa needs to hold 6,327,421 car washes to buy out his ridiculous contract

Nebraska 7.5

Wins: FAU, McNeese St, Miami, Illinois, TW, Rutgers, Purdue, Minnesota

Losses: Wisconsin

Tossups: Fresno, MSU, Iowa

Prediction: Over, we are going to lose in Madison, possibly badly. Even losing 2 of the 3 tossups gets us to 9 wins, allowing Bo to lose the bowl game and PeLLLLini lives on

Minnesota 6.5

Wins: E Illinois, MTSU, San Jose St, Purdue, Illinois

Losses: TCU, Michigan, Iowa, OSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Tossup: Tarpwestern

Prediction: Under, the schedule is a lot tougher in 2014 than last season, and a brutal mid season stretch will leave the Gophers scrambling for a 6th win and bowl eligibility

Tarpwestern 6

Wins: Cal, N Illinois, W Illinois, Purdue, Illinois

Losses: PSU, Wisky, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame

Tossup: Minnesota

Prediction: Push, it will be an up and down year for the Mildcats, I see them squeaking to a 6-6 finish with multiple OTE articles lamenting Tarpwestern's bad luck while simultaneously expounded upon Fitz's brilliance

Illinois 5

Wins: Youngstown St (even with the return of Capt Cheat as school president), W Kentucky, Texas St, Purdue

Losses: Washington, Nebraska, Wisky, Minnesota, OSU, PSU, Iowa, Tarpwestern

Prediction: Under, I wouldn't be completely shocked to see the Illini pull one upset and get to 5-7, but I'll stick with 4 wins and the end of the Beckman era in Champaign-Urbana and State College

Purdue 3.5

Win: S Illinois

Losses: Notre Dame, Iowa, Illinois, MSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, Tarpwestern, Wisky, Indiana

Tossups: W Michigan, C Michigan

Prediction: Laughter, not even Hazell growing a beautiful Ron Swanson-esque mustache could save this sorry lot from another abysmal season

Let us know your predictions and what you think of mine in the Comments.

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