OffSeason ATS: B1G East Over/Under Win Totals


Having already covered the better of the 2 divisions, we'll move on to the Lil Bro Division in this installment. The East appears to be a 2 team race headed into the seaon, with some interesting side stories as well (can Indiana go bowling, can Hoke build a solid squad, how will Franklin's first PSU team look). The only thing we are assured of is plenty of LOLing at Buttgers and Maryland. Here we go:

Ohio State 10.5

Wins: Navy, VaTech, Kent St, Cincy, Maryland, Buttgers, PSU, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan


Tossups: MSU

Prediction: Over, this is a pretty high win total, but OSU is clearly better than 11 of the 12 opponents they'll face this season. The combo of best coach and best player in the conference is hard to go against.

Michigan St 9.5

Wins: Jacksonville, E Michigan, Wyoming, Purdue, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Buttgers, PSU

Losses: Oregon

Tossups: Nebraska, OSU

Prediction: Over, I could easily envision a 12-0 season for MSU, but the game at Oregon is a tough ask. Getting the 2 Tossups at home helps considerably. 10-2 seems like the floor for MSU in 2014.

Penn State 8.5

Wins: Akron, Buttgers, UMass, Tarpwestern, Maryland, Temple, Illinois

Losses: Michigan, OSU, MSU

Tossups: UCF, Indiana

Prediction: Under, this isn't an easy schedule, so James Franklin's inaugural B1G season is going to see a few rocky patches in my opinion. OSU and MSU are clearly better, so having those at home doesn't make much difference.

Michigan 7.5

Wins: App State, Miami (OH), Utah, Minnesota, Buttgers, PSU, Indiana, Tarpwestern, Maryland

Losses: Notre Dame, MSU, OSU


Prediction: Over, I'm going with the assumption that the offensive line will be simply shitty, which would be a moderate improvement. MSU and OSU are clearly better, and I'm sure the Catholic officiating crew in South Bend will ensure a victory for the home team. That's 3 losses, but Michigan should handle the other 9 opponents.

Maryland 6.5

Wins: James Madison, USF, W Virginia

Losses: Indiana, OSU, Iowa, Wisky, PSU, MSU, Michigan

Tossups: Syracuse, Buttgers

Prediction: Under, brutal in conference schedule combined with a team that isn't very good adds up to a rough first B1G year for the Turtles

Indiana 5.5

Wins: Indiana St, BGSU, Maryland, N Texas, Buttgers, Purdue

Losses: MethZoo, Iowa, MSU. Michigan, OSU

Tossups: PSU

Prediction: Over, there will be a few ugly losses, but Wilson gets the Hoosiers to a bowl game, which he will either win or lose 73-70

Buttgers 4.5

Wins: Howard, Tulane

Losses: Washington St, PSU, Michigan, OSU, Nebraska, Wisky, Indiana, MSU

Tossups: Navy, Maryland

Prediction: LOL@Buttgers, thanks for getting BTN into NYC though

Please share your predictions and thoughts in the Comment section.

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