B1G 2014 // The Minnesota Potluck is Bringing the


An OTE potluck filled with casseroles, Jello, the Schedulegods, bowl games, strenghts and/or weaknesses, and obviously, how that all ties in with Minnesota. It's a smorgasbord of #B1G!

B1G 2014 // Minnesota's Smartest Guys In The Room


I'm at a loss folks. We're entering 4 years with the same head coach and coordinators at Minnesota. What does that leave us to talk about?

B1G 2014 // Minnesota Cocktail Party Preview


Will the Gophers break through to the next level in 2014? Or this is a season where they could be as good (or better) than the year before while having a worse record?

The B1G Coach's Corner: A Look at Wisconsin


Intuitively, you just know Wisconsin likes to grind out wins, but how does that work. A look at both the offensive and defensive strategies of the Badgers.

Dancing Talk: The B1G Bubble Discussion


Minnesota, Nebraska, and the issues with Illinois and Indiana. A short discussion on tournament resumes.

OTE Names Allen and Nelson Players Of The Week


One helped their team rise from the ashes of another collapse and the other killed a guy with a trident.*

Closing Argument: Solid Not Spectacular Gophers


Also, why wanting Minnesota to win 7 games is what a patriotic American would do.

Keeping The Enemy Close - When Gophers Cry


There is no one capable of hating Minnesota better than a long time Gopher fan.

B1G 2013 // Minnesota's Smartest Guys In The Room



B1G 2013 // Minnesota Cocktail Party Preview


Time to learn about the Gophers!

The Anatomy of a Program-Changing Victory


Minnesota's win over Michigan State on New Year's Eve signified a major step in a new direction for the Gophers.

A Look at Minnesota heading into the Meineke Bowl


A look at the Gophers season, what it means that they made a bowl game, and some thoughts on how they'll fare against Texas Tech.

Can Minnesota Continue With the Kill Experiment?


Another game, another seizure. No, seriously. Minnesota's players and athletic director take Jerry Kill's latest setback in stride, and why this writer thinks you should, too.

Gophers Wide Receiver A.J. Barker Quits Team


A long Tumblr post lists an airing of grievances not seen since Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms

Jerry Kill was a Tubby Smith Hire After All


Jerry Kill continues to re-tool the Gophers

The Gopher D still makes them a bowl team


The Gopher defense was much better against Iowa than anybody wants to believe, and is the reason the Gophers will be a bowl team this season.

The Gophers were never a Top 6 B1G team


Why the (other) OTE writers should have calmed down about the Gophers.

B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: BHGP on Minnesota, Iowa, and the Origins of Hate


B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: BHGP on Minnesota, Iowa, and the Origins of Hate

B1G 2012 // Thursday Wildcard: Where We Lay A Path To A Bowl Game For Minnesota


The Gophers can make it to a bowl game in Jerry Kill's second season... here's how.

B1G 2012 // OTE's Minnesota Potluck: Where the Gophers Win A Green Jacket . . . . in 2013


OTE Minnesota Potluck: Where We Fit Jerry Kill for a Green Jacket....in 2013

B1G 2012 // Minnesota's Smartest Guys In The Room


Our week long Minnesota preview rolls on. Today, let's talk coaching staff

B1G 2012 // Minnesota Cocktail Party Preview


Minnesota week kicks off with a Cocktail Party Preview of the Gophers.

Silver Linings in Minnesota


Despite the horrible start, there are some things to be positive about in Minnesota... like hockey!

Gopher Coach Jerry Kill Collapses On Field At End Of Game


Jerry Kill collapses

The Fuse


You're fighting for more than just yourselves out there, Gophers. You're fighting for the sufferers of 11 straight defeats.

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