B1G 2014 // The Nebraska Cocktail Party Preview


So you've decided to talk to a Nebraska fan at a party. I have just what you need to get through that. Looking at why Ameer Abdullah is awesome, how the defense looks to be better, and the reality...

The 2013-14 Nebrasketball Recap


Where we look at a season that was never supposed to work out this well.

Nebraska is in the NCAA Tournament, Time to Chat


It's been 16 years since this happened, so David McGee from Corn Nation drops by to chat. Follow along as we discuss some Nebrasketball history, this crazy season, Creighton, the absurd B1G...

Nebrasketball: Enjoying It


The day that turned the tide will be February 16. In Nebraska lore, that day will be the day the Miles Experience went into overdrive. While it is a true that Nebrasketball was starting to hit the...

B1G Bubble Talk


Taking a quick look at tournament resumes for the B1G bubble. Looks like it's down to Minnesota, Nebraska, and maybe a late charging Indiana.

Dissecting the #Nebrasketball Ball Screen Attack


This installment of the B1G Coach's Corner takes a look at the job Coach Miles has done in Nebraska and breaks down the tape on the Nebraska Ball Screen Attack.

Dancing Talk: The B1G Bubble Discussion


Minnesota, Nebraska, and the issues with Illinois and Indiana. A short discussion on tournament resumes.

An Ode to Irrational Confidence: Huskers Beat MSU


The Nebraska Cornhuskers went into East Lansing as 13.5 point underdogs to the Spartans. They emerged with a lot more than just pride.

B1G Rising: Getting Out of the Basketball Cellar


How does a team go from worst to... slightly above worst? Get a new coach, maybe snag a new arena, and claim a pelt. The rise of this year's cellar dwellers and the fall of Purdue.

#Nebrasketball: Winning at Home


It was my first taste of basketball at Pinnacle Bank Arena, and it was a good one. Nebraska overcame its own deficiencies and won a tough game over a ranked Ohio State. Some thoughts on the arena,...

Carry On: The Cruelty of Fandom


In a short span of time, you can be quickly reminded that being a fan is generally a one-sided affair with little return. After this week in Nebrasketball, I relearned that lesson.

Postmortem 2013: Nebraska


In the great words of Blink 182, "Roller Coaster favorite ride, let me kiss you one more time." Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but let's look at all that transpired this year for the Nebraska...

The Thrill of Victory & Agony of Defeat: NU vs NU


It was the only way this game could have ended. When Northwestern came to Nebraska for Round III of this crazy series, lots of weird things ensued. Here is the story by Jesse Collins and MNWildcat,...

The B1G Red: On Bo, Losing, and Lessons Learned


"I’m not meeting my expectations. I know that." - Bo Pelini in his Monday Morning Presser At one point or another, we all lose at something. I distinctly remember being a scrawny young Korean...

Nebraska: Figuring Out What Comes Next


It's been a while since I've written about Nebraska. Well, let me rephrase that. It's been a while since I've written solely about Nebraska football. Sure, there was the rant, and I'm sure I've put...

B1G Player(s) Of The Week: Jack Hoffman Edition


Dennard, Hyde, Abdullah...and courageous Jack Hoffman

The Greatest Myth in College Football


This is just getting ridiculous. Look, I'm not going to defend Bo Pelini, especially in light of another no-show on a National Stage. Pelini is a great pregame planner and more often than not, he...

Big Red in the B1G: Here Come the Bruins


This past weekend, the game was never really in question. I had decided to leave the comfy confines of my living room to watch the game and joined some friends at Old Chicago to eat fatty foods -...

Big Red in the B1G: What happened...


Trying to parse for meaning in spite of a lackluster win against the Wyoming Cowboys. Are the Huskers primed for an awful year? Is there a silver lining? We look for answers in Week 1.

Your Off Tackle Empire Nebraska Shirts


Sherman puts on a Blackshirt

B1G 2013 // Nebraska Cocktail Party Preview


All you need to know about the 2013 Nebraska Cornhuskers including a quick look at the offense, defense, special teams, and schedule. Spoiler alert: The Offense is good, the Defense is untested,...

B1G Championship Predictions: Who Ya Got?


The OTE staff calls their shot on Saturday's championship game.

BREAKING: Nebraska AD Tom Osborne Stepping Down?

Is Tom Osborne stepping down as Nebraska's Athletic Director? We may find out at 11 am CT....

B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: Bitterness, Thy Name Is Nebraska


A Texas Longhorns fan weighs in on the damaged psyche of Nebraska football.

B1G 2012 // Nebraska's Smartest Guys in the Room


Who are Nebraska's Smartest Guys in the Room? A look at the 2012 Husker Coordinators and Coach Bo Pelini.

B1G 2012 // OTE's Nebraska Potluck: Featuring Braised Lil' Red


B1G 2012 // OTE's Nebraska Potluck: Featuring Braised Lil' Red

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