Time for the Main Course: Northwestern Potluck Pt2


Well, unsurprisingly, Rutgers is passed out in the billiard room. Someone put the pool cover over them, and we'll get on with our dinner.

B1G 2014 // Northwestern Potluck, Pt. 1


Step in for a fine feast, courtesy of your friends at Northwestern! Try not to bother the DePaul grads while they work, OK? These catering companies aren't cheap.

Taking a look at Pat Fitzgerald


He's the man.

Northwestern football is more than Jeff Budzien


Misery and crushing disappointment defined Northwestern football in 2013, but there's reason to believe Fitz and Co. can help turn things around this year. Tread lightly, fellow B1G teams.

It's Over! (Almost.)


Recapping (I guess) Northwestern at Purdue. Because not that you cared, but because I drove to West Lafayette from Milwaukee and will write about it if I please, thank you.

Northwestern Postmortem, 2013: I Accept the Blame.


Or, half-Northwestern Postmortem, half-PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

A New Start For NW Athletics

Five consecutive losses have brought Northwestern back down to earth and left the Wildcats floundering in 10th place in the B1G, with hopes of an NIT bid all but thrown out the window. Pessimistic...

B1G Rising: Getting Out of the Basketball Cellar


How does a team go from worst to... slightly above worst? Get a new coach, maybe snag a new arena, and claim a pelt. The rise of this year's cellar dwellers and the fall of Purdue.

NW Players Attempt Unionization


From ESPN: "For the first time in the history of college sports, athletes are asking to be represented by a labor union, taking formal steps on Tuesday to begin the process of being recognized as employees, ESPN's "Outside The Lines" has learned." Will be interested to hear your thoughts.

On Basketball and Standing With Purdue


Where the latter is most important, but we played anyways.

Merry Christmas, From Your Friends at Northwestern


It was a lean year at Ryan Field, but we've got a few blessings to count and a whole lot to look forward to.

The Thrill of Victory & Agony of Defeat: NU vs NU


It was the only way this game could have ended. When Northwestern came to Nebraska for Round III of this crazy series, lots of weird things ensued. Here is the story by Jesse Collins and MNWildcat,...



Written through the tears, you guys.

OTE B1G Game of the Week: Ohio State at NU


Ohio State at Northwestern - OTE's Game of the Week

OTE's B1G Player of the Week/Beer of the Week


Continuing a classic from last season: One player. One beer. ONE TRUTH.

Closing Argument: Northwestern's Here to Stay


The 'Cats aren't just here; they're here to stay. Put on your smoking jacket, grab a glass of sherry from the butler, and step into the Northwestern lounge. Welcome to a world where everything's...

The Northwestern Wildcats: An Amalgamation Of Many


You like Northwestern? What the hell is wrong with you? You are weird. Go away.

B1G 2013: Northwestern's Smartest Guys in the Room


There's a reason I picked this article to write. No coaching change, suckers! Guess who phoned it in this week?

B1G 2013 // Your Off Tackle Empire NW Shirts


B1G 2013 // Your Off Tackle Empire NW Shirts

Carmody Out; What's Next for NU?


After 13 years, 4 NIT appearances, and ultimately no NCAA tournament appearances, Northwestern finally parted ways with Bill Carmody on Saturday. Carmody departs with a 192-220 record overall and a...

Northwestern Lost. Now What?


Northwestern is no longer undefeated. But the season is far from over for the 'Cats. Chad, Cory, and Hilary react to Saturday's game against Penn State.

Breaking Down the Wildcats' Chances


It's no secret: the Northwestern Wildcats are off to a 5-0 start, fooling almost everyone. Despite beating teams from four BCS AQ conferences, though, the 'Cats are lightly regarded as contenders...

B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: Let's Talk About Northwestern's Moral Victories


Why do I hate Northwestern? Because all they care about are moral victories.

B1G 2012 // Your Record Isn't Everything -- Unconventional Wisdom on Why Northwestern is Getting Better


B1G 2012 // Your Record Isn't Everything -- Unconventional Wisdom on Why Northwestern is Getting Better

Northwestern 2012: Fyte De Village...Or Potluck, If You're Not Rich And Snooty Like Them


We preview Northwestern at OTE, Potluck style.

B1G 2012 // Northwestern's Smartest Guys in the Room


Who are the smartest guys in the room at Northwestern? Looking at Pat Fitzgerald and his coordinators with a shoutout to the late great MCA.

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