Open Game Threads

The Orange Bowl Game Thread


Ohio State vs. Clemson. Let's get it on!

Night Games Open Thread



The Evening Open Thread


Overflow post-B1G games

Across the Empire: Mid-Afternoon Open Thread


Wisconsin proves the writers right, #PurdueHarbor gets postponed, and Illinois still doesn't get nice things.

Your "BATTLE OF RYAN FIELD" Late Game Thread


A good one so far in Evanston.

OTE's (Slightly Delayed) Late Games Open Thread


Michigan and IU, it's your turn.

Across The Empire: Early Games Open Thread


It's Rivalry Saturday in the empire, and every game means something

Across the Empire: Early Games Open Thread


Come join us and follow all the college football action

Late Afternoon/Evening Game Thread


LOL Northwestern. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Iowa. Minnesota plays for bowl eligibility, and Nebraska looks to keep distance between them and Michigan. Rules remain the same, and feel free...

Your Saturday Open Game Thread


Three weeks left, and anything can still happen. Like Indiana to the Rose Bowl, for example.

Across The Empire: Your Open Game Thread


Last week gave us clarity in the standings. This week probably won't.

OTE's Early Game Open Thread


Come on in and talk college football with a bunch of Big Ten fans.

Across the Empire: Your Evening Thread


Some good games, some bad games, but ultimately Penn State, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Northwestern win the afternoon slate. Now we all try hard not to get sick while we root for Michigan over...

Across The Empire: Your Afternoon Thread


What an unsatisfying bag of ass the first games were. Two ugly ugly wins, and Iowa. Oh, Iowa. The B1G is just flat out bad this year. Hopefully the afternoon games will be better. Carry on. ...

Across The Empire: Your Saturday Early Games Thread


We mark the last week of non-conference games with the rough equivalent of a MACrifice weekend, only most of the opponents aren't as good as a lot of MAC teams. The only exceptions are two of the...

Across The Empire: Your Mid Afternoon Thread

So far, Minnesota and Ohio State have survived. Purdue and Illinois dominated, but they should have. We move to the afternoon games, and so far, so good for the good guys. You know the drill on...

Across The Empire: Your Apocademption Saturday Early Games Thread


So the B1G finds itself coming off of a rough week, and is somewhere between Apocalypse and redemption. I don't think there's any one game on the schedule that will mean full redemption, but last...

Across The Empire: Your Saturday Afternoon Games Thread


Sorry I don't have much to say. It's just a new gamethread. Enjoy the afternoon games.

Across The Empire: Your Saturday Early Games Thread


One week in the books, and if you thought the B1G squeaked by last week and were kind of discouraged bout what happened, this week could downright depressing. Your B1G games are: Gametime...

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