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B1G Hoops, Non-Conference Round-Up


Stars of the non-conf schedule and names to watch for the upcoming conference battles

Big Ten Championship: MSU-OSU Roundtable


Jon, Ted, Andrew (Green Akers), and maybe a special guest (THAT'S FORESHADOWING RIGHT THERE) talk Sparty, the Buckeyes, and a bunch of other stuff.


Urb-Z Word to the B1G

Years of frustration, and this is your best?...a Husker writer declaring he's not up to the test?I admit my rhyme isn't all that great,I wasn't hired to sing, just to continue to dominate.I'll...


Maryland Week Recap - YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD

Not to pick on anyone (otherwise I would have included the links and tag names), just to get past the denial stage, here’s some Testudo Times excerpts: "Can anyone with better blogging skills...

B1G 2013 // Maryland Cocktail Party Preview

Maryland isn't here yet, but they're coming. Welcome to B1G 2013's special interruption featuring the Maryland Terps and the good guys from Testudo Times. Expect talk about football, expansion,...

B1G Officially Realigns; Adopts 9 Game Schedule


The new divisions and conference schedules were formally ratified by the conference earlier today. Who will play where, and when will everything take affect?


Are we the new North-South ?

The biggest argument against a geographic split in the B1G has been balance. The most frequently cited example has been the old Big 12 North-South. This compares the records from 2000 to present...


Analysis of the New Divisions

Go East/West Young Man In case you’ve been living under a rock, the B10 has leaked the new divisions. They also let it be known that the B10 will move to 9 conference games starting in 2016. T...

Jim Delany's Plan For World Domination


Is Jim Delany a commissioner of a great football conference, or does he want to be the Emperor of the Grand Conference of the Republic?

The Big East is Dead, and the ACC isn't far behind


Hey, we've got ten days until the B1G starts playing their bowl games, so let's talk expansion, woooooo! There were a couple of interesting yet competing stories that are out on the blogosphere...

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