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How Nebraska to the Big Ten came to be


A great, behind-the-scenes look at how the Nebraska-Big Ten marriage happened. As with so many of these deals, sometimes you just need a bit of luck and timing to make things fall into place.

Texas Commits to Big 12


Take a deep breath, the standoff is over. After a week of speculation that the Longhorns were set to take their show out west, an eleventh hour plea by Commission Dan Beebe appears to have saved the Big 12 Conference. The ten remaining members of the conference will stay put, throwing a cold bucket of water on Larry Scott and the Pac-10's plans to annex five South-division schools. Aside from a few probable aftershocks (Utah to Pac-10), this round of expansion appears to be finished. Not surprisingly, it looks like the Big Ten is the big winner.

Texas Messin' in the Big Ten's Future?


This article was in the comments of the recent fan story, but it deserves front page attention all its own. The NBC affiliate in Kansas City is reporting that Texas and Texas A&M are in talks to join the Big Ten. It could happen as soon as tomorrow. With Nebraska (Tom Osborne just can't rid himself of those Texans). Now salt grains should be large, but if this happens, Jim Delaney will have established himself as a chess board master (as Chadnudj noted in the comments).

Report: Nebraska Regents Informally Decide on Big Ten


According to Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com, the Board of Regents at The University of Nebraska have informally decided to leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten, and an official announcement will come Friday. Brown gained credibility by correctly reporting last week that the Pac-10 had set its imperial sights on five members of the Big 12 South and Colorado. The Chicago Tribune suggests that the Big Ten could add Nebraska and pause to see how things play out. Sounds familiar.

Four Big Ten Offers Extended?


According to Kansas City sports radio, the Big Ten has extended membership offers (actually, it's likely offers to apply for membership) to Nebraska, Missouri, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. If Notre Dame remains independent, Rutgers would be the 14th team. The Big Ten would then decide whether to stop at 14 or extend offers to two other schools (maybe Pitt and Syracuse?). If Notre Dame joins, sources say an offer will be extended to one other school making it a 16-team league. As a former resident of Kansas City, I agree with what Jon Miller wrote about the connections of this station and its management. There could well be legs to this.

Big Ten Expansion - Coming TODAY?!?


The headline is a bit of a tease, but the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Big Ten may well be notifying some conferences TODAY of its intention to begin expansion negotiations with 3-5 schools. It sounds like the Big Ten expansion will be a much more public event than the back room dealings that we saw in the ACC/Big East changes of 2003.

Investment Firm Greenlights Big Ten Expansion


A report has leaked that Chicago-based investment firm William Blair & Company has concluded that the economics come out overwhelmingly in favor of Big Ten expansion. As noted a few weeks back, the conference hired William Blair & Co. to analyze what, if any, combination of additional schools would bolster the Big Ten's bottom line. Blair looked at just five "obvious suspects" (Missouri, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Rutgers), but noted that other universities could "earn consideration." If you're wondering how in the world the study leaked, check out Frank the Tank's take.

Big Ten Hired a Search Firm for Expansion


Here's the only reason that this matters: We are now operating under coaching-change rules. Every time that you hear an AD/School President say that they "have had no contact with the Big Ten," that is irrelevant. If you hear Commissioner Delaney say that he "has not spoken with that school," it is not the whole story. Remember, a third party is doing the background work. Other than plausible deniability in response to reporter questions, does this have any impact on the expansion? No. Carry on about your business.

The Conference isn't the only thing expanding...


Please join us in welcoming a new contributor to The Rivalry, Esq.: Paterno Ave. Mr. Paterno received his undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University in 2006 and his J.D. from the Villanova University School of Law in 2009. He is currently clerking for a Superior Court Judge in northern New Jersey. Not surprisingly, Paterno is a Penn State aficionado, and will serve as our resident Nittany Lion authority. Welcome to the smoking room.

Let's Mess with Texas


Yes, the Big Ten is thinking B-I-G big. The question is, will Texas listen? Here's the best analogy: would the Yankees trade spots with the Cowboys? The Yankees make the most money in baseball, keep the vast amount of it, and have the system arranged in a way so that they have every advantage. This enables the Yankees, barring incompetence, to be successful every year. The Cowboys make the most money in football, but have to share most of it with their opponents. They also have greater restrictions on how they can use that money. Further, the system is arranged to discourage disparity among teams. That means that the Cowboys have legitimate reasons to struggle from time to time. However, the overall size of the money pie is much bigger in football than baseball. So, would the Yankees trade places with the Cowboys?

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