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You've Got B1G Expansion Questions? Frank The Tank Has Answers

Frank is the king of expansion discussion and his excellent blog is a must read with some of the most detailed info you'll find. So get on Twitter and tweet your thoughts/ideas/questions...Or post below.

The Big Ten vs. the SEC (and the rest of the BCS) in terms of money

I took a look at the finances of college football over at BHGP and the conference comparisons are probably pretty interesting to Big Ten fans in general. I broke down athletics revenues into Earnings, Donations and Subsidies and used that to compare the financial situations between conferences. As expected its the Big Ten vs. the SEC at the top. The Big Ten is in the lead but the southerners are keeping it close through their impressive dedication to charity...

Big Ten To Announce Divisions and New Logo at Noon

Seems like the names of the divisions are making a big deal

Top 10 SEC-Big Ten Games of the Last Decade: #3 - LSU v Illinois, 2002 Sugar Bowl

Team Speed Kills takes a look at another North-South showdown in our almost completed series. The most unlikely Big 10 Champion of the last decade matched up against Nick Saban's LSU Tigers before they achieved powerhouse status. A pre-game comment made one ABC commentator a savant when he said - "... the combination of the teams' aerial attacks and the dome's electric atmosphere could turn this contest into an instant classic." The ensuing shootout produced 81 points, 958 yards (huh?), beers being thrown on the field by a nutso LSU crowd, and a vicious Illini comeback that fell short. Illinois Stars Brandon Lloyd Kurt Kittner Walter Young LSU Stars Rohan Davey Josh Reed (Biletnikoff Winner) Domanick Davis Bradie James Michael Clayton LaBrandon Toefield

SBN's Latest Mock NFL Draft, Rounds 1 and 2

Malcolm Jenkins, Vontae Davis, Beanie Wells, Aaron Maybin are projected in the first round, with Ohio State's Brian Robiskie making a surprise appearance in the 2nd round. On the subject of Shonn Greene no longer being in the top 64 picks, apparently running back is not a big need and worries linger about him being a one year star. This SBN website, Mocking the Draft, is a fantastic source for in-depth looks at every single recruit, mock draft, and team draft history. I can spend 20 minutes on this site, no problem, which is dangerous.

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